denver rnr


Yup. I did run two races this weekend because they told me I’d get three medals. The Denver RnR 5k was yesterday and the 10k was today! We couldn’t have asked for better weather, and look at all the goodies I got after the race. Not to mention the 27 mini Larabars and 7 Curate bars (plus other snacks) I got from the expo.

The 5k rocked and I felt great the entire time (11:26 pace). And then the 10k today started great, but like a rookie I didn’t pee beforehand and that hit me pretty hard (13:59 pace). I refused to wait in the lines on the course. They were insane! I seriously love races, but they are exhausting. I now need to take a nap because otherwise I won’t get any of my to-do list done. Happy Sunday!