denver mural artist

Jungle mural in boy’s play house in Denver. This was just a run down storage shed that Dad decided to transform into a wonderland for his little boy. Paint Decor Studio painted the murals, built the tent, painted the floorcloth (map of Livingstone’s Africa) and added 3D bits of fake foliage and netting to the ceiling. This is truly a Paint Decor room from floor to ceiling and I was grateful to have the opportunity to bring so many of my own ideas to a project. My inner set designer had a lot of fun with this shed.

This Denver room design was crazy fun.  I was inspired by some silly ‘astronomy’ illustrations I found and the colors came from the teenage girl’s bedding (which was a crazy bright calico quilt).  This particular room detail is a chalkboard mural (painted with Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint) in a 'frame’.