denver girl

EXO Reaction Masterlist

EXO Reactions To…

Another Guy Flirting With You

Coming Home To Find You Asleep On Your Desk Studying For Exams

Introducing You To The Other Members

Kris and Luhan Meeting At CNY Rehearsal

You Coming Home Late and Tipsy From A Night Out With Your Girlfriends

Being Scared of Disappointing You

You Carrying A Totoro Plushie Around

You Being The Big Spoon

You Frequently Licking Your Lips And Having A Habit Of Hugging Them From Behind And Biting Their Neck

Seeing An Old Picture Of You And You Were Big With Spots/Acne

When You Do Something Unintentionally Sexy

Losing Their Short Girlfriend In A Crowd And Then Finding Her

Having To Hide Love Bites/Scratches On Their Back And Then Getting Found Out

You Teasing Them At The Movies

When Their Parents Told Them It’s Time To Have Children

Their Kids Getting Bad Grades And Not Caring

You Putting Your Anime/Videogame Posters In Their Room

You [Badly] Singing/Dancing To Their Songs

Learning Tagalog

Walking In On You Cheating On Them

Comforting You When One Of Your Family Members Died

You Rickrolling Them

Dating A Noona

Their Rich Girlfriend Trying To Buy Things For Them

Their Favorite Artist Making A Comeback

You Being Sick And Not Resting 

You Fangirling Over An Anime Boy And Getting Jealous

Walking In On You Changing

Their Kid Coming Up To Them Saying ‘Mommy Is A Meanie’

Changing Baby Diapers

Having A Younger Girlfriend

Their Girlfriend Binge Eating

Another Member Asking To Marry Them

You Sleeping In Only Their Shirts And Underwear

Your Skirt Flying Up A Lot While Out On A Walk

Their Girlfriend Being A Vet With Lots Of Scratches And Such From Animals

You Comforting Them

You Harmonizing With Them On A Slow Song

Comforting Each Other

You Cutting Off Your Hair

Playing The Pokey Stick Game With Their Crush On Running Man

The Princes At Disneyland Flirting With Their Girlfriend

After Making Love

Being Away And Thus Unable To Take Care Of Their Pregnant Wife

Finding Out You Still Work With And Are Close To Your Ex

Finding Out You Were A Fan From The Start

Their Girlfriend Wanting To Watch Action Movies Rather Than Chick Flicks

Finding Out Your Heartbreaker Reputation 

Meeting You

Getting Mugged, Then Recognized

Receiving Something That Belonged To Your Ex

You Being/Speaking German

Realizing They Love Their Close Friend That They Had Rejected

Their Girlfriend Flinching/Falling To The Floor While Play-Fighting

You Dropping Hints At Doing It Again Then Coming Home To A Special Surprise

You Getting Into Battle Royale

You Fangirling Over Seventeen

Their GF Having Bad Knees And Being In Pain

You Slapping Them After A Fight

Moving In With Their Girlfriend To Find She Still Has A Box Of Her Ex’s Things

Coming Home To Find You Asleep Wearing Lingerie

Finding Out You’re An American Celebrity

Meeting DO’s 13 Year Old Sister

Seeing Their Girlfriend in Jay Park’s Mommae MV

Finding Out Their Crush Is Dating Seulgi From Red Velvet

Their GF Kicking Ass

Being On “Superman Is Back”

Their GF Wearing Make-Up To Bed

Meeting Their Girlfriend’s Parents

Seeing Their GF Dressed Up For The First Time

Their First Time With You

Making A Romantic Dinner For Their GF

Their Girlfriend being Close To A BTS Member

Seeing Their Girlfriend Do Gwiyomi Song On TV

Collaborating With Their Girlfriend’s Girl Group

Watching Mean Girls With Their GF

Watching Their GF’s Drama To See Her Death Scene

Meeting A Serbian Girl

Learning Their Foreign Girlfriend Was Actually Fluent In Korean/Chinese And Didn’t Tell Them

Finding Out Their Girlfriend Is Under Legal Age

Their Girlfriend Initiating A Tickle Fight

Their Girlfriend Have A Fear Of The Dark

Having A Language Barrier With Their Girlfriend

Proposing At Disneyland

Discovering You’re A Masochist

Their GF Killing Rapping Rap God

You Knowing Cantonese

Finding Out Their GF Is A Vigilante With Arrow

Getting Jealous Of Their GF’s American Friend

Their Kid Crying As They Leave For Tour

Accidently Slapping Your Butt

Seeing Your Old Self-Harm Scars - Slightly Triggering? Possibly?

Their Girlfriend’s Pregnancy Being A Scare

Their Girlfriend Being From Lithuania

Their S/O Agreeing To Foster A Newborn, Without Their Knowledge

Their Crush Blurting That She Likes Them

You Doing Aerial Skills While They Sing

You Finding Them Cheating On You

Rejecting Your Drunken Advances

Their Girlfriend Liking Horror Movies But Hiding From Them

Their Girlfriend’s Ex Wanting Her Back

Their GF Screaming Instead of Singing A High Note In A Song

Their GF Getting Down And Dirty In The Kitchen

Seeing Their VS Angel Girlfriend In A Show

See You Again By Charlie Puth

You Watching Magic Mike XXL

You Being A Pole Dancer And Doing A Trick

Having A Tall GF

Meeting Your Two Fathers

Realizing They Are In Love With You

Learning Their Wife Is Pregnant

Their GF Asking To Share A Shower

Liking The Same Girl - Wolf AU

You Dancing Along To Sexy Back

You Singing Hello By Adele

Their GF Telling Them She’s Pregnant

Losing You Then Finding You

You Having A Miscarriage

You Not Being Able To Sleep Without A Stuffed Toy

Accidentally Letting It Slip That They Have A Secret Girlfriend

You Having A Sadistic Side

Their Girlfriend Being Confused About Her Sexuality

Their Girlfriend Being Awkward With Intimacy/Asexual

Their Girlfriend Having Bad Back Pain From Dancing/Gymnastics

Meeting A Young Girl

Their Seemingly Dominant Girlfriend Being Submissive In Bed

You Speaking In English With Kris While They Listen

What They Sound Like During Sex

Getting Grilled By Their Girlfriend’s Friends

Their Girlfriend Surprising Them By Baking A Cake

You Being The Main Vocalist Of A Girl Group That Beats EXO

You Being In A Group That Makes Music Similar To The 1975

Their Girlfriend Having An Eating Disorder - Triggering

Based On Hotline Bling by Drake 

Their Girlfriend Not Wanting To Share A Bed After A Misunderstanding

Their Girlfriend Getting An Undercut

Meeting Xiumin’s 12 Year Old Sister

You Trying to Dance To Dancing King

DO’s Friend’s Sister Staying With Them At The Dorm

You Walking In On Them Masturbating

You Having A Heart Shaped Birthmark On Your Hip

Another Celebrity Saying Their (EXO’s) Girlfriend Is Their Ideal Type

Scaring Their Girlfriend While She’s Watching A Scary Movie

Spending Spring Break In Denver, CO

Seeing Their GF’s Girl Boss Side

Their GF Not Telling Them Her Real Name Out Of Embarrassment 

Seeing Their GF’s girl Boss Side

Living Across The Street From An Amazonian Russian Woman

Seeing Their GF In A VS Commercial

Their GF Saying He Should Smile More Because She Loves His Smile

Their GF Being Very Clumsy

Liking Their Make Up Artist

Someone Making Racist Comments About Their GF While Their On A Date

You Pursuading Them To Go Bungee Jumping

Their GF Being Shy About Slow Dancing


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