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anonymous asked:

So it is mainly known that Rachel, Lauren, and Cassie went to prom right? unless they did but there is no picture out there

The Columbine prom is for Juniors and Seniors, much like high schools all across America. Freshmen and Sophomores can go if they are invited by an upperclassmen. 

The prom was at the Denver Design Center. Around 450 kids went. The theme song was “The Way You Look Tonight.” The students went to an “after prom” at Columbine’s gym. There, the theme song was “New York, New York,” and the gym was decorated with lights and pictures of the city’s skyscrapers. But ok lets bring the list back:

Junior (Grade 11)

  • Cassie Bernall 
    • Cassie technically didn’t go to prom. She didn’t have a date but neither did her friend Amanda.
    • “We couldn’t go to the prom because we didn’t have dates because we’re losers, but the place where my mom works was putting on this big banquet that night at the Marriott, so Cass and I decided to dress up and do our hair and be beautiful and go there instead. We had the greatest time.”
    • However they did go to after prom and came home at 6 in the morning. So they did have a really good night.
  • Corey DePooter
  • Rachel Scott 
    • Rachel did go to prom with a whole group of friends but with Nick Baumgart as her date. Nick remembered the night:
    • “Nick remembers Rachel as she was a week ago Saturday night, the only girl at the prom in a sleek black dress. Everyone else wore poofy pastels. She had a good time pondering, he remembers now, why elephants don’t have toes. He sees Rachel in the restaurant, the only one in his group who dared sample the pate. He looks at a photo of her, so pretty, so bright, sees her laughing as she struggled to pin his boutonniere. He and his friends have spent hours remembering Rachel. Joking about how she used to imitate the spitting dinosaur from “Jurassic Park”. Laughing at how she would take any dare you could throw at her.”

Senior (Grade 12)  

  • Dylan Klebold
    • Dylan did go to prom, with Robyn Anderson. People who saw him said he looked like he was having fun, dancing and with friends all night.
  • Lauren Townsend
  • Eric Harris
    • Eric didn’t go. He didn’t have a date. He asked Brandi Tinklenberg but she turned him down. "I hadn’t planned on going to the prom. It was late notice. It was nothing against Eric. He was always really sweet to me.“
  • Isaiah Shoels

anonymous asked:

Do you know the full list of people who attended prom with Dylan?

A group of twelve road the limo to prom held at the Denver Design Center and they were:

Dylan Klebold and Robyn Anderson

Nate Dykeman and Kristi Epling

Kelli Brown and Brandon Fike (21 yr old bf)

Jessica Hughes and Paul LNU (Denver Uni student)
(Jessica was in CHIPS the gifted program w/ Dylan in elementary school)

Monica Schuster and Steven Partridge
(Steven was a Jr. who previously dated Rachel Scott)

Janna Buchl and Brad Simpson (Denver Uni student)

at prom Dylan hung out with Devon Adams and Zack Heckler and Chris Morris and his girlfriend, Nicole Markham

Eric met up with the gang at After Prom held in the CHS gymnasium and Dylan and Eric and Chris Morris spent a lot of time at the gambling tables.