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King Manwë, the breath of Arda. My new painting! I recently posted it on ArtStation too!  . He’s based out of Tolkien’s, The Silmarillion. 

So Denver comicon was kind of a bust today, what’re you gonna do. I am however so very stoked to meet Kevin Conroy tomorrow who was the batman of my childhood. Really nervous to meet Catherynne Valente one of my favorite authors who is signing tomorrow. I’m thinking apocrypha or oracles, I kinda want to impress her with some of her older work which is dumb but hey. Also a big shoutout to @ttyto-alba, one of my favorite artists who was a complete surprise and basically saved day one from being a total flop. If you’re at the con do yourself a favor and check his booth out. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!


OMG WHAT AN AMAZING YEAR FOR DENVER COMIC CON!!! DCC 2017 has officially come to a close as my most successful Con of all time! Thank you all so much for your support and I will see you at DCC next year! <3

DENVER COMIC CON IS ONLY 5 DAYS AWAY!!! If you’re going to be at DCC June 30th-July 2 stop by my table in the artist valley, R08! I have a ton of new prints to share with you and this year all of my prints are Buy 2 Get One Free!!

Also, I’m hosting How to Draw Manga panels in room 603 at 11:30-12:20 each day! :D I will be teaching manga basics, character creation techniques, and coloring techniques. Each day will have a different topic so attend all 3 for the biggest benefit and draw with me! You can bring your own drawing supplies or use the paper and pencils that will be provided. BUT REMEMBER TO SHOW UP EARLY! Seating is limited and I would love to have you join me. :)

Hope to see you at DCC!! :D

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Hey there! I was wondering if you were going to be at Denver Comic Con again this year?

Hello~! I will be at Denver Comic Con again this year and I cannot wait!! I will be at Artist Valley Table R08. <3 Not only that, but I will also be hosting my own “How to Draw Manga” panels all 3 days from 11:30am-12:20pm! So if you’re going to DCC please consider attending my panel to learn manga basics, character creation, and more!

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My Natsu and Gray commission is finished!! :D This commission was SO fun to work on and I am extremely happy that it turned out all right after one of my copics decided to spit all over me and tried to splatter on the drawing. XD I hope you all and my commissioner like this drawing of Natsu and Gray and now I only have 4 left to go from SLCC!!

Hello everyone!! :D I finally finished this Princess Mononoke print and had so much fun with it! <3 Near the end I had some technical issues but I’m so glad to have it finished. 

I will also have this for sale at my artist valley table at Denver Comic Con!! If you would like a print please stop by my table this coming weekend at  #G28!! I hope you all like the drawing and hooray for Princess Mononoke!