denton, tx


Okay so today Denton, Texas has officially made April 4th a city holiday: Doctor Who Day. There’s an actual TARDIS on the square and a beautiful variety of sonic screwdrivers you can have your picture taken with. I saw a lot of people, children and adults, in wonderful cosplay of various incarnations of the Doctor, Daleks, Queen Elizabeth, Missy, and various companions. There’s also a Doctor Who comic book exclusive to the More Fun Comics and Games store on the square, featuring Nine and the TARDIS in front of the Denton courthouse. the cover was created by a local artist, who was at More Fun Comics and Games signing covers and posters. Today was a great day for local Whovians.

so a lot's happened this past year for me.

november 2012: broke up with nick, we were too much for each other, i wanted different things and was tired of his immaturity

march 2013: on spring break, i had to stay in denton for a new job

march: was sexually assaulted by a guy named rafael, never told most people of everything he did to me

same week: met an awesome guy named timothy, and he was patient and nice to me, and would walk me home after the wee hours of the night because i was afraid of guys after rafael

april: started dating tim, celebrated his birthday

summer 2013: hours away from tim, it sucked, i also had to deal with my moms emotional, verbal, and physical abuse

august 2013: realized i fucked up too many classes my freshman year, was ordered to stay home by my mom even though i had the time and money to make it up

august: got a job at officemax, made some quick and great friends there

september: got hit on by my 26 year old loser coworker, gross

october: went to visit my boyfriend at the time, tim, for my birthday. he got me GTA 5 and threw me a surprise party

october: realized i was seriously in love with tim and i needed to figure out my way back into school

november: started a plan to get back to unt, my mom tried to stop me

december: finalized my transcript, got myself back in, landed a job in denton, mom proceeded to kick me out on christmas

december 25, 2013: my great friend lance hooked me up with a place to crash and gather my thoughts, his family was also extremely kind enough to include me in their christmas list, i got a new vinyl, a wonder woman magnet, and a $20 GC to Target

january 2014: still crashing on lance’s couch, school has started, i’m away from my mom and in class. i started talking to nick again, it was like we were old friends again, we talked about our problems and worked everything out

february: began fighting with tim, he held a few secrets from me that i didn’t quite understand yet. i asked nick to be my valentine because i was so upset, and he took me to watch the lego movie.

march: officially broke up with tim, it was pretty hard on me actually, i couldn’t work with much of a smile, and i kept looking at our online fights, because we could never get our words out in person. nick made me delete everything of tim’s, so i could get over him, and it helped a lot. i still follow his tumblr, but his twitter, instagram, facebook, everything with social media, i unfollowed. i even deleted his phone number, which i regret because that also caused me to delete his texts and calls, and now i worry when he’s depressed. our one year anniversary was bittersweet, at that point we hated each other

april: met some amazing people on my journey, and reunited with old friends from freshman year. like Sarah and Brittany, my best friends now. i got a new place of my own, had a few breakdowns about tim and my mom and my grades, but i survived.

may: brought back my GPA up to awesome status, got my scholarship back.

june: got employee of the month and promoted at work, i’m now dating nick, we realized that we really enjoyed each other’s company, and kind of were fuck-buddies for a while after he took my virginity, and then we couldn’t separate our emotions but it worked out for the better.

july: i’m now over tim romantically, i have someone that loves me the way i’ve wanted for a long time, which is why i fought with tim in the first place. he had worse things to worry about than making sure i was happy. but i do miss him, even just the banter we used to play. he wasn’t afraid to hurt my feelings, because he knew that they were very hard to hurt. even though he figured out how. i still miss him a lot, and i wonder how he’s doing, and i wish i could find the courage to just talk to him again, but i don’t have his number.. and i don’t think it’s a good idea for me to bother him.

august 2014: it is now, my classes are set and paid for, i have a stable mind and relationship, and i love myself a lot more than i did last year. i hope next month is even better for me.

and the years to come.


Brian & Patti by Zack Huggins

Willie Hudspeth.

“I’ve been doing this on and off since 2000. I’m just trying to share my thoughts with these people here. Here’s my thought: it reminds me of a negative time and situation. Really negative. The arguments I’ve heard are that it’s just not meant to represent that, and it probably isn’t. But I’m holding this sign because to me that’s what it reminds me of. So I’m just saying that. If you prominently display it, and it’s elevated, and it’s on county ground, it says to me ‘We approve of slavery in Denton County’. I want to say to others, anyone who will listen, that I don’t agree with it being here. The confederate flag either. And since those 9 people got killed, the message is getting out. I’m out here to make a point, to get people aware and motivated.”