denton weeks

in that Snafu set I made yesterday, root has her analogue interface box in the Machine’s footage from when she shot Denton Weeks. considering that TM has her in a red box during that part of Snafu AND had her in a red box back when she shot Weeks in Bad Code, I thought it was kind of odd. since finch’s footage seem to have the boxes from the time the footage was shot (meaning the boxes were embedded in the footage video and not the Machine tracking his image in the present time) I’m going to have to assume that TM went back and edited the analogue interface box into all previous footage of root. what sort of sappy AI nonsense….


Root’s Onscreen Kills (Person of Interest)

There are surprisingly few of these (although we did see other victims onscreen, like Pete Matheson in 1X13 and Owen Reynolds in 2X01).

Inspired by Greg Plageman’s comment that “When Root kills someone, it’s not a sort of ‘Eh,’ ambiguous situation. You’re just dead.” Like Martine is “extra-dead,” hehe.


Today The Ellen Show came to UNT, and implied on twitter that someone dresses as a present would get a present. People flocked in homemade costumes, smiling, cheering, and definitely not studying for finals.

The two girls at the bottom of this photoset came with plenty of extra costumes, which they were still wrapping in order to hand out to strangers. (I hope they get the present for their thoughtfulness!)

Continuing from jetgirl78’s post about Root.

About a question on Root’s sadistic tendencies:

I lean heavily on the side that Root has a sadistic streak in her and that her torture of Denton Weeks is actually a prime example of that streak appearing. She enjoyed putting Weeks through ‘enhanced interrogation tactics’.

Root enjoyed showing Weeks how much she knew about him through demonstrating how much she knew about his paper on ‘Enhanced Interrogation Tactics’ , I don’t think there are a lot of people who would use the Palestinian Hanging on someone and have that grin on as she watched her prisoner struggle– its hard not to see Root not enjoying that, that she does have a sadistic streak here. 

In season 1 and 2 she was very much a villain and there’s no two ways about it because she was a villain that was the path she chose to thread after leaving Bishop. After all, her killing of, or being instrumental of Trent Russell’s death could’ve just been a one of thing instead she chose to become a contract killer.

She killed for money and as jetgirl78 noted the very first time we knew of Root in (1x13— Root Cause) was Root destroying an innocent man’s life as a fall guy for her scheme.

Root was a villain, and she was by her own words, a monster. She was morally depraved (again her words), an unreliable narrator, and a master manipulator. That is part of Root and nothing she turns away from because it was those parts that also made her valuable to the Machine.

The Machine needed those skills she nurtured as a career criminal and a character can be all those things and still be interesting. In fact, its rare that we have a character like Root and be a woman this is a role usually reserved for men. But this show turned it around and Root is a woman.

Root is unique from Kara Stanton, John Reese, and Shaw in that her past as a killer can’t be dressed up in motives like patriotism or circumstance. Root became a contract killer because she was good at it and she liked it.

This also makes Root joining the team so very interesting and why her joining was so fraught because Harold was one of her victims but the Machine took note of her and decided this, this one shall be mine.

Everything about Root starting from her past to her present is what makes her such a layered and potent character and why I love her so much because she’s so fascinating. She was helpless and then she turned it around and then I’d wager for most of her life after Bishop she went around trying things out and then jumping into one criminal endeavor after another until Harold caught her attention, and from there the Machine and the Machine filled her with so much purpose that she couldn’t living any other way until the Machine told her to stop looking for the one person other than the Machine that gave her life any kind of meaning.

And then she walked away.


INJECTION: Root‘s Secret Weapon

From being THE GIVER of injections to her victims to BEING GIVEN one. By none other than her nemesis, Martine. Oh, the irony.

Poor Root.

- “The Contingency” (2.01) - Denton Weeks (victim)

- “Bad Code” (2.02) - Harold Finch (victim)

- “Honor Among Thieves” (4.07) - Unknown woman in red (victim)

- “The Devil You Know” (4.09) - Sameen Shaw (victim)

- “Asylum” (4.21) - Root (victim)


Root Precursors: Tasers and Hoods (a.k.a. Mixing Up Amy Acker Storyworlds)

Long before Root was giving people like Denton Weeks and Control a taste of her taser, Fred was tasing the hell out of Angel’s wayward son Connor.  And before Root was captured by Control, Kelly Peyton was getting dehooded for an interrogation on Alias. I was taken aback by how brutal Fred was (Gunn had to pull her back).  Peyton, on the other hand, looked scared to face Sydney Bristow – Root had a much better smirk for Control, ha!