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Shanice & Toby.

“I was just telling him about how I plan to change the world through activism and fashion. I get in trouble a lot of the time, especially on facebook, because I’m always trying to share information with everyone. But I can rub people the wrong way when I say things they don’t agree with. I try to explain that I’m never targeting a certain individual, I’m targeting the system. If we all understand what is happening in our world, then we can work together to reform the system. We shouldn’t try to fight each other, or kill each other, or argue with each other, we just need to get on the same wavelength. So that’s how I’m going to change the world. Nobody believes me, but that’s fine.”

“What about you, Toby?”

She said, “Oh, he’s going to be on the Forbes List.”

He said, “I want to start my own business, something with software or fashion.”