denton show


SHOCK TREATMENT is a sequel, er, uh – equal to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.   As evidence-d by the pix above: the old newspaper movie ad and the DVD movie set.  A lot of people don’t like it.  But I think it is rather brilliant - the songs, the sets, the characters.  Plus it predicted things like reality tv and people who are famous for no real reason *cough**cough**cough* Kardashians… a couple of decades before those things became actual things. . 


Today The Ellen Show came to UNT, and implied on twitter that someone dresses as a present would get a present. People flocked in homemade costumes, smiling, cheering, and definitely not studying for finals.

The two girls at the bottom of this photoset came with plenty of extra costumes, which they were still wrapping in order to hand out to strangers. (I hope they get the present for their thoughtfulness!)