dentist funny


The dentist sat next to his patient.

“What’s the problem?”

“One of my teeth feels weak.”

“Guess it should hit the gym, eh? Hahaha.”

“Haha, I guess.”

“My son sells gym memberships.”

“Oh. Anyway I-”

“You should buy your tooth a gym membership. From my son. Anthony.”

“What? Teeth can’t work out.”

“Can’t or won’t, Mr. Clark?”

“My name is Mr. Shark.”

“Sorry, my vision is shit so I can’t really see your chart.”

“Guess your eyes should hit the gym, eh? Hahaha.”

“I bought my eyes a deluxe package to Anthony’s gym. It costs $200 a month and the nearest gym is in France.”

“…you’re a good dad.”

“I’m a GOOD dentist. I’m a GREAT dad. Now Mr. Shark, are you going to buy a gym membership for your tooth or am I gonna have to knock out all of your teeth and sell them to fat tooth fairies who want teeth but are too lazy to go get them?”

“I’ll buy a membership.”

“Great! It comes with a free tote bag.”

“Wow. Do I have to pick it up from France?”

“No they send it.”


“To Germany.”