dental trauma

TSK: What chew doin’?

Ok, fine, you came to see a medical doctor about your broken tooth. I understand that. As a non-dentist, I’m not thrilled – but in today’s healthcare environment, I do understand.

But is it too much to ask for you to spit out your wad of chewing tobacco before my (thankfully-gloved) fingers find it while sloshing around in your brown-flecked mouth?

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Imagine Bucky at the dentist. (Inspired by a previous post.)

Steve kicks himself for not noticing sooner. There were plenty of signs: chewing on the right side of his mouth and switching to sleeping on his right shoulder. But it’s not until Steve impulsively sneaks a kiss to Bucky’s left jaw and Bucky flinches away, wincing, that Steve clicks that something’s really wrong.

“It’s fine,” Bucky says before Steve can even open his mouth. “I’ve had way worse than this, Rogers.”

“But you’re hurting,” Steve objects. They have this argument a lot, about a hundred pains that horrify Steve and leave Bucky shrugging in apparent indifference. “Tony has dentists on staff, we -.”

“I don’t need anyone poking around in my mouth, okay? It’s fine.”

Steve manages to drop it for a whole forty minutes, until near the end of supper and Steve is eying the amount of food still on Bucky’s plate.

“Dentistry’s come a hell of a long way since we were kids,” he says, cautiously. Bucky glares, but doesn’t immediately cut him short. “There’s all sorts of pain relief available, now - good stuff that works on me, even. You don’t even have to be awake. We - .”

No.” Bucky jerks back, half on his feet. “I don’t want anyone poking at me, and I definitely don’t want anyone sedating me. Christ.”

“Okay,” Steve says hurriedly, because Bucky is almost trembling. “Sorry.”

They do the dishes and pretend to watch a movie, until Bucky inches across the couch and presses against Steve’s side. Steve cautiously wraps his arm around Bucky’s shoulder and waits.

“They’d revive me and I never knew what year it was, or what they’d done to me while I was out, or what they were going to do to me, or ….”

Steve wraps both arms around him, helplessly.

“I would be there,” Steve promises. “Every minute of it, I’d be there with you.”

They sit quietly for a long time.

“Maybe,” Bucky manages. “I … maybe.”


Steve calls Pepper the next morning. She sends him a list of the best trauma-trained dental surgeons in the city, and doesn’t include their hourly rate. Steve bets that HYDRA mostly hired men and cuts the list by two-thirds at a glance. Checking for drop-of-a-hat availability clarifies things down to a much more manageable number of one.

It means that a few nights later when Bucky ends up in the bathroom retching in pain, Steve’s already mentally rehearsing the phone call when Bucky sits back, shaking, and whispers: “Okay. Okay.”

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Date a girl who has nightmares of all her teeth falling out. Date a girl who has too many teeth in her dreams, with no idea how they could all fit in her mouth, yet they just keep coming loose every time she moves her jaw. Date a girl who thinks her nightmares are caused by her retainer pressing against her teeth while she tries to sleep.

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just a quick reminder that after the “shock therapy” Joker gave to Harleen, she suffered from:

  • Confusion which can last from a few minutes to several hours. She didn’t know where she is or why she’s there. Rarely, confusion may last several days or longer. 
  • Memory loss. Some people have trouble remembering events that occurred right before treatment or in the weeks or months before treatment or, rarely, from previous years. This condition is called retrograde amnesia.
  • Physical side effects. On the days of an ECT treatment, some people experience nausea, headache, jaw pain or muscle ache. 
  • Medical complications. As with any type of medical procedure, especially one that involves anesthesia, there are risks of medical complications. During ECT, heart rate and blood pressure increase, and in rare cases, that can lead to serious heart problems.

Immediate side-effects she suffered from:

•    fear, anxiety and confusion
•    feeling strange afterwards, e.g. light headed, dissociated, numbing, “mixing up the emotions”
•    headaches
•    jaw ache
•    memory loss
•    disorientation
•    problems thinking
•    fatigue
•    “wooziness”, “groggy”, dizziness
•    nausea
•    drooling
•    looking like she “had a stroke”
•    muscle stiffness
•    feeling shaky
•    inability to eat
•    intense sleepiness
•    hallucinations

also, she might had a dental and oral trauma and skin burns. 

after that scene she didnt just woke up and went to design her new straitjacket, she had a hard time and she was confused and in pain. You need to know that.

Date a dental girl who will drive with you to your orthodontist appointment. You’re still trying to piece together what happened the other day in your girlfriend’s mouth. A giant factory, a sweet old woman named Dr. Taylor, and a consultation scheduled the next day. You can’t tell whether your girlfriend believes you or not, but she seems weirdly excited about you seeing the same orthodontist as her. “She'th tho nithe!” she says, drool splattering the windshield as she talks. “And we could athk her to make our bratheth match! That would be tho cute!” You hear metal grind and rubber stretch as she speaks. You’re not as excited. You keep thinking about the weekly appointments your girlfriend goes to. Not to mention how she seems to get entire meals stuck in the metal lattice around her head. Or all the times she got stuck in doors. Most importantly, you can barely kiss her on the neck as it currently stands. If you’re wearing a similar monstrosity, the best you could hope for is jabbing each other in the eyes with metal wires while trying to make your lips meet.

As you’re lost in thought, your girlfriend shouts “We’re here!” as she pulls into an empty parking lot in the industrial district on the outskirts of town. She walks towards a seemingly abandoned factory and pulls you towards a small door labelled “TEeTh”. Inside is a dark and stuffy waiting room. You look around at the other patients. To say their appliances seem unorthodox is an understatement. There’s a man with a set of christmas lights on his teeth chatting with a woman whose mouth is held open by dozens of small plastic hooks. None of them are nearly as extreme as your girlfriend’s however. You sit between a boy wearing something similar to a space helmet and a dog with human teeth, while your girlfriend sits across the room on a couch labelled “Reserved for Factory Host”. You wait for around an hour or so, trying to understand a magazine article about the importance of cat teeth in certain esoteric rituals.

Eventually, the receptionist, a teenage girl dressed in bloody medical scrubs calls both your names. She grins when she sees you, showing off an unsurprising amount of metal, which you swear you see tiny trains moving across. She introduces herself as Cathy and tells you how excited she is to finally meet you, and leads you both through a labyrinthine hallway. The deeper you go into maze, the dentist office smell gets more and more powerful, in addition to the deafening sound of grinding gears and the barely audible human screams. You grab nervously grab your girlfriend’s arm, and try to focus on the familiar clanking noise her headgear makes when she walks.

Finally Cathy opens a door and ushers you both inside. The room is bathed in bright light. You squint after spending so much time in the dark hallways. Your eyes slowly adjust and you assess your surroundings. There are two chairs, green and blue. The headrest of the green chair seems to be shaped in a way to account for headgear the size and shape of your girlfriend’s. The rest of the room is full of all sorts of sterile medical equipment, along with dozens of metal trays packed with freaky looking tools, most of them looking like they belong in some sort of alien operating room than an orthodontist’s office. Cathy gently guides you to the blue chair while your girlfriend eagerly flops down on the green one. Your heart is pounding. After sitting down, you reach across and grab your girlfriend’s hand. She turns her head and gives you a big, loving, metallic smile. You calm down a bit.

You see Cathy start to put on a paper mask and rubber gloves before you hear a mechanical whir. The chairs recline, shifting your view to the examination light and nothing else. You hold your girlfriend’s hand a bit tighter. Your girlfriend softly tells you not to worry, before she’s interrupted by a door opening and footsteps. You hear Dr. Taylor’s voice, genuinely friendly but still unnerving given the circumstances. She asks Cathy to begin performing a routine inspection and tightening on your girlfriend before she starts to walk over to you. Her face enters your field of vision, with her grey hair tied in a bun and a caring look in her eyes. Even though she’s wearing a mask, you can tell she’s grinning. “So your girlfriend talks a lot about you… it was very nice to meet you yesterday.” You smile awkwardly and nod. You start to hear indescribable sounds coming from your girlfriend’s chair. You squeeze her hand even tighter. Dr. Taylor chuckles and reaches over to the nearest tray of tools. “I have something special planned for you today, dear.” She holds up a metal mouth gag and a pair of pliers. “Alright, now please open reeeally wide for me now… a bit wider than that…” You black out.

The first thing you notice when you come to is something warm pressed against your side. You feel jagged metal in your mouth, and you hear your girlfriend giggle next to you. You open your eyes. You’re sitting on the couch in the waiting room. Cathy and Dr. Taylor are both standing in front of you, grinning and showing off their relatively tame orthodontia. The other patients are watching you and smiling as much as their respective appliances allow. Dr. Taylor is holding a hand mirror shaped like a tooth. You see that you and your girlfriend are held tightly together via headgear, your girlfriend smiling and laughing like you’ve never seen her. “You two seriously make SUCH a cute couple!”, Cathy says. Honestly, you can’t help but agree.