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She stands with her back to her hired hands and in her own, she has a gun. It isn’t hers, but it will do the job, as she prefers knives.

Without a word, she turns, the wind at her back as she shoots the man - the traitor - point blank in the face. The bullet destroys his face and bits of blood, brain, and teeth go everywhere in a small little eruption.

To her right is the one who spoke of this man’s betrayal and to him she smiles, her teeth appearing too big in the light of water and sun. For Edward, he deserves her best self, always.

“Clean this up,” she tells her men, and without a word, they begin removing identifiers with careful precision. Whatever’s left will be fed to the dogs or, incinerated.

But to Edward she gives her best smile, her genuine smile.

“Thank you for telling me of his dishonesty, Edward. You have my gratitude. You’ve done well today.”

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Imagine Bucky at the dentist. (Inspired by a previous post.)

Steve kicks himself for not noticing sooner. There were plenty of signs: chewing on the right side of his mouth and switching to sleeping on his right shoulder. But it’s not until Steve impulsively sneaks a kiss to Bucky’s left jaw and Bucky flinches away, wincing, that Steve clicks that something’s really wrong.

“It’s fine,” Bucky says before Steve can even open his mouth. “I’ve had way worse than this, Rogers.”

“But you’re hurting,” Steve objects. They have this argument a lot, about a hundred pains that horrify Steve and leave Bucky shrugging in apparent indifference. “Tony has dentists on staff, we -.”

“I don’t need anyone poking around in my mouth, okay? It’s fine.”

Steve manages to drop it for a whole forty minutes, until near the end of supper and Steve is eying the amount of food still on Bucky’s plate.

“Dentistry’s come a hell of a long way since we were kids,” he says, cautiously. Bucky glares, but doesn’t immediately cut him short. “There’s all sorts of pain relief available, now - good stuff that works on me, even. You don’t even have to be awake. We - .”

No.” Bucky jerks back, half on his feet. “I don’t want anyone poking at me, and I definitely don’t want anyone sedating me. Christ.”

“Okay,” Steve says hurriedly, because Bucky is almost trembling. “Sorry.”

They do the dishes and pretend to watch a movie, until Bucky inches across the couch and presses against Steve’s side. Steve cautiously wraps his arm around Bucky’s shoulder and waits.

“They’d revive me and I never knew what year it was, or what they’d done to me while I was out, or what they were going to do to me, or ….”

Steve wraps both arms around him, helplessly.

“I would be there,” Steve promises. “Every minute of it, I’d be there with you.”

They sit quietly for a long time.

“Maybe,” Bucky manages. “I … maybe.”


Steve calls Pepper the next morning. She sends him a list of the best trauma-trained dental surgeons in the city, and doesn’t include their hourly rate. Steve bets that HYDRA mostly hired men and cuts the list by two-thirds at a glance. Checking for drop-of-a-hat availability clarifies things down to a much more manageable number of one.

It means that a few nights later when Bucky ends up in the bathroom retching in pain, Steve’s already mentally rehearsing the phone call when Bucky sits back, shaking, and whispers: “Okay. Okay.”

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FUCK my dog just broke another tooth, he was gnawing on a raw BARF bone that was supposed to be too big to try and crack and he yelped. There’s a bit of exposed pulp where the end broke off and a split segment that wiggles when i poke it. 

he must be hurting so bad FUCK. I’m so sorry buddy, I should have taken it away before you gnawed it down so much.

just a quick reminder that after the “shock therapy” Joker gave to Harleen, she suffered from:

  • Confusion which can last from a few minutes to several hours. She didn’t know where she is or why she’s there. Rarely, confusion may last several days or longer. 
  • Memory loss. Some people have trouble remembering events that occurred right before treatment or in the weeks or months before treatment or, rarely, from previous years. This condition is called retrograde amnesia.
  • Physical side effects. On the days of an ECT treatment, some people experience nausea, headache, jaw pain or muscle ache. 
  • Medical complications. As with any type of medical procedure, especially one that involves anesthesia, there are risks of medical complications. During ECT, heart rate and blood pressure increase, and in rare cases, that can lead to serious heart problems.

Immediate side-effects she suffered from:

•    fear, anxiety and confusion
•    feeling strange afterwards, e.g. light headed, dissociated, numbing, “mixing up the emotions”
•    headaches
•    jaw ache
•    memory loss
•    disorientation
•    problems thinking
•    fatigue
•    “wooziness”, “groggy”, dizziness
•    nausea
•    drooling
•    looking like she “had a stroke”
•    muscle stiffness
•    feeling shaky
•    inability to eat
•    intense sleepiness
•    hallucinations

also, she might had a dental and oral trauma and skin burns. 

after that scene she didnt just woke up and went to design her new straitjacket, she had a hard time and she was confused and in pain. You need to know that.