dental trauma

~ Intro Time ~

My name is Nin also known by Ninola and I’m gonna be your local resident cryptid for game. 

I’m 22 and being from the UK I live in GMT, my pronouns are they/them and I’m in my 3rd and Final year of Game Design so I’m eternally suffering tbh.

 You can contact me on skype, discord or twitter, though I ask you dm/pm/send a message if you want them. I like to think of myself as friendly enough and I do like to talk to people esp in terms of potential oc interactions and things so if thats something you’d wanna discuss hmu.

In terms of games I’ve been in theres:

-Doubt Academy 2: Rei Mikami
-Doubt Academy 3: Akira Saeki
-Doubt Academy 4: Miko Hanasaki/Tsumiko Kurokami 
-SoD: Rei Mikami (Again..)
-SoD2: Shigure Fujiwara/Hatori Shibasaki

I’d like to ask you tag/be mindful of:

- Dental Trauma : Descriptions/Images/talk of damage to teeth. This is a really big one for me of anything on the list so it’d be appreciated. 

- Unsanitary topics : This falls under the topic of jokes for the topic too, this is a kinda broad topic so if you’re unsure of something please ask me I’ll be happy to clarify?  

Emetophobia : This one is only on a OOC level. In game is all chill tho having a tag/heads up for that anyways would be nice.

Similarly, if I ever reblog anything that I forget to tag/you would like tagged or anything like that, please let me know and I’ll be happy to fix the issue! I have some memory issues so 

With that out of the way, this is my girl Vulture, she’s SHSL Support which means she mains Support/Healer Roles in e-sports. 

Hey Guro / Dark / Depression Blogs!

I’m a new and upcoming guro blog and I’m looking for people to follow!

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I’d prefer minimal irl content, but all are welcome!

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  1. Back in 2012, before I moved in with my girlfriend, we went across with some other friends to Melbourne Oz Comic Con. We didn’t realise until we were almost at the front of the autograph queue that we’d both brought DVDs of Robin Hood: Men in Tights for Sir Patrick Stewart to sign.
  2. I’ve knocked my front teeth out twice. The first time I was in kindergarten I fell off a slippery dip and dislodged one of my front teeth which had to be taken out. Then, when I was 7, I was playing chasey in the school yard and ran into another boy going around the corner of a building. He was shorter than me so my mouth hit his forehead - he got a cut that needed stitches and I knocked one front tooth out and dislodged the other. Fortunately one of my friends found the tooth I lost and the dentist was able to put them both back in place successfully, although I needed emergency braces for a while.
  3. I did fencing in high school. In grade 12 I got to learn a bit of stage fencing. During a school concert where the senior concert band were playing a Pirates of the Caribbean medley six of us got to come on stage dressed up as pirates and engage in choreographed sword fights. It was a lot of fun.
  4. I still sleep with a teddy bear called Honey Bear that was given to me 2 hours after I was born.
  5. I first read The Lord of the Rings when I was 8, after my mum read The Hobbit to me when I was 7.

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