dental hygeine

uncharted babes and their bedtime routines + sleep habits

Nathan: Absolutely HAS to have a bedtime snack. Whether it is a bowl of ice cream or a banana, he has to eat something or else he won’t be able to fall asleep. Brushes teeth, flosses, mouthwash, very adamant on dental hygeine. Sleeps in a t-shirt and boxers. Moves in his sleep a lot. Sleeps spread out where arms and legs are sprawling over the bed. Nothing wakes him up.

Elena: Has to have a hot shower before bed. Takes sleep aids. Washes face. Brushes teeth. Reads for about an hour before she finally goes to sleep. Sleeps in a light pajama shirt and pajama pants or shorts, depending on the weather. Sound sleeper, barely moves, and sleeps on her right side. Sleeps with a pillow over her head. Steals the blankets in her sleep.

Sam: He has to have down time before he attempts to sleep. About an hour of doing nothing so his body can relax after a day at work. Tends to doze off during the down time, and he finally gets ready and moves into bed. Sleeps in only his boxers. VERY light sleeper, even movement on the other side of the bed will wake him up. Constantly flipping the pillow to the cool side because he gets super hot when he sleeps. 

Sully: Reads a book that he keeps on his bedside table. Finishes writing emails for the night and changes into his pajamas. You know. The old man pajamas. Thinks about showering but doesn’t. Gets into bed and knocks out immediately. Has sleep apnea. Snores a lot. Wakes up in the middle of the night to shift around. Has a dehumidifier in his room.

Nadine: Does yoga before bed. Drinks a cup of sleepy time tea to help her sleep. Has candles burning the entire time. Takes a shower with the lights off and only has candles lit in the bathroom. Sings in the shower. Has a whole face care routine. Wears a tank top and shorts to bed so she doesn’t have to change for her morning run when she wakes up. Sleeps on her stomach. 

Rafe: Stays up until super late. Doesn’t get into bed unless he needs the sleep. Binge watches Netflix for a few hours before finally falling asleep from exhaustion. Gets ready for bed in complete silence. Stares at himself in a mirror for a few minutes. Sleeps in a t-shirt and long fleece pajama pants. HAS to have covers over him while he sleeps. Feet need to be covered. Sometimes curls up into a ball while he sleeps but straightens legs over night. Loud noises wake him up, such as thunder. 


I don’t even know how to caption this…