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The signs at the dentist
  • Aries: Who wants to make a bet that I get no fillings?
  • Taurus: This is something that is beneficial to my health and safety and comfort.
  • Gemini: I may cry through this procedure, and I may not. Just be prepared for either end of the scale.
  • Cancer: Free toothpaste!!
  • Leo: Pfft, I'm not scared of fillings. Come at me with that dental drill-AH FU-!
  • Virgo: *Reads all the magazines in the waiting room*
  • Libra: Could we postpone the fillings to a later date so I can get mentally prepared?
  • Scorpio: I came druuuunk... Because... I thoughtit would halp. *Hiccup*
  • Sagittarius: Don't give me any anesthetic! I will endure the pain. Like I always say "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"!
  • Capricorn: *Makes sure to floss and brush teeth a week before appointment*
  • Aquarius: I'm fine. My teeth are fine. I can wait another year until I book an appointment.
  • Pisces: *Dentist injecting anesthetic* Happy place~ Think of your happy place~

Date a girl who always dreamed of perfecting her greatest invention, a loud machine that makes people smile, which she called an “arcade cabinet”. She was disappointed to find out that an “arcade cabinet” was actually some sort of games console, and that her invention had already been patented as the “handheld dental drill”, which actually is a much better name now that she thinks about it.


You know that thing when you worry about something that really won’t be helped by your worrying about it, which is pretty much everything you’ve ever worried about?

Next week I am going to experience a worrying thing, and I am worried about it.

I’m getting the sad remains of one of the teeth anchoring a 20 year-old bridge extracted.

I’m getting the first two of three dental implants. Which means drilling into my jaw.

I’m getting a bone graft, which, as far as I know, involves not removing bone from another part of me, but pouring in bone matter from a cadaver into my lower mandible. While I’m marginally concerned about the part where my gums get sliced open to reveal my jaw, the cadaver part doesn’t really worry me at all. I’m thinking of it as gaining a new friend, and I won’t hear otherwise.

And then apparently I’m getting some kind of removable appliance to conceal the 4-tooth construction zone in my mouth.

This all seemed like a good idea when I agreed to it.

On the upside, my friend Xanax means I will not care one little bit as all this is happening to me. I’m certain I will feel terribly sorry for myself when the Xanax wears off.

look, not to put too fine a point on it… but what the fuck is erotic about someone upzipping something with their teeth? have you ever tried? feels like a dental drill whirring about as the thing rumbles through your teeth… i mean, the other night I’m trying to hang the washing out, this fancy shirt with a zipper is half undone as it goes n the hanger, but my other hand is full, “oh yeah, mouth!” you’d think is the obvious solution, but no… did you want dubstep vibrators in your jaw? that’s how you get dubstep vibrators in your jaw, and another thing…

Bad Blood - one shot. Phanfic

Summary: Two years ago, some idiot dumped radioactive waste in the water supply, affecting 70% of Britain. Celebrities could suddenly fly, Politicians could burst into flames and little kids could control solid objects with their minds.  People developed extraordinary powers and some used them for good, and then there were ones who wanted to rule the freakin’ world.  2018. Phil Lester is London’s most wanted for having the ability to control the earth beneath his feet, and he’s wanted by Dan. The new ruler of England.  Also one of rare individuals who can absorb a power.

Genre: supernatural

Modern AU

Trigger warnings: uh PJ cuts into his hand with a letter opener, but have you read the summary, yo.

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anonymous asked:

Hey mod! What kinda voice do you imagine Wade has? It's been mentioned in comics to be somewhat rough and raspy due to vocal damage, but that seems to vary. Thoughts?

I’ve had a large number of folks saying they read mine and other Wades in Ryan Reynolds’ voice, and I’m sure that works just fine, I can imagine that, but what I hear when writing him is certainly a more hoarse, gravelled voice. Why else do you think Spider-man would’ve suggested Wade pursue a career as a phone sex operator?


Celebrating Easter with @wolfordroger’s Egg-Cellent Carvings

To see more of Roger’s designs, follow @wolfordroger on Instagram. Explore holiday celebrations all over the globe by checking out #Easter.

Roger F. Wolford (@wolfordroger) is one person who will not be dyeing eggs this #Easter. Some of the eggs he artfully carves, like those from an emu, are already naturally colored and perfect for his designs. “They’re dark emerald-green on the outside, lighter green in the middle layers and almost white at the last layer,” the 44-year-old Illinois native says. As Roger chips away at the shell, he’s able to render scenes from nature in startling detail. “I actually use a dental drill,” he says. “The same high-pitched sound you hear in the dentist’s office is what goes on in my shop all day long.” He prefers to work with eggs that come from larger birds — ones that would hold quite a bit of chocolate if the Easter Bunny got his paws on them.

Frequencies - Phan. One-shot

Summary: In a world where talent, luck and intelligence is measured by the frequency you give off. Dan Howell has a frequency of 126 and Phil Lester is a minuscule 56. But with high frequency comes no empathy. Dan Howell cannot feel. Phil wants to help, but there is a severe reaction when they even get near each other.

Words: idk yet


It was at ten years old that Phil Lester and Dan Howell realised a mixture of fate and science had told them they were not meant to be together.

It started with the rain.

Phil only meant to ask Dan if he wanted to play a game. He knew Mrs. Forks forbid any High Frequencies from interacting and communicating with low frequencies, because of the reaction. They were like magnets repelling from each other. And Dan Howell and Phil Lester were on the opposite sides of the spectrum. They were the kinds of children who would grow up and cause havoc when they so much as touched each other.

But at that moment in time, with the sun shining brightly in the sky, illuminating the playground outside the mediocre building for  Mrs. Forks primary school for the gifted. Shadows danced across the concrete as children, his classmates, played. But with their own frequencies of course. Phil sat alone on the swing set, slowly pushing himself backwards and forwards, his trainers scuffing against the harsh concrete.

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Ancient and Vintage Dental Drills

While diseased teeth were once simply extracted, advanced dental drills made it possible to fix the damage instead.  The wooden drill is the earliest dental tool for working on teeth. The silver device is an early example of a clockwork drill; it was the first drill that could rotate continuously to remove damage from a tooth, though after being wound it only ran for about two minutes.  Ouch.


school was great until all the other kids showed up.


The sound that came over the speakers wasn’t really white noise. It wasn’t that weird buzz that the air sometimes takes on when you’re sitting alone in silence, or the faint hum of a computer monitor. To the United States government and its Department of Psi Youth, it was the lovechild of a car alarm and a dental drill, turned up high enough to make your ears bleed.