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I'm honestly surprised at the lack of Nicholson love. For me, his clown prince is a happy amalgam of the disturbingly macabre and buffoonish antics that make the Joker who he is. That is to say, he can just as easily mutilate his girlfriend as he can prance about a museum, defacing paintings. Not to mention he's got all the classic gimmick weapons, his origin is very evocative of the Killing Joke( featuring a certain toxic plunge), and oh man are his outfits fantastic. Tailcoats and berets>>

Jack Nicholson’s Joker is generally underrated on Tumblr. There are fans of 1989′s Batman of course, but you don’t usually see him in gif sets or edits as often as you would other interpretations of the character–the same could be said for Michael Keaton’s Batman. 

I myself love his version of Joker for the exact same reasons that you listed! I thought he captured Joker’s morbid sense of humor with seamless perfection; in the parade scene, for example, he went from bemoaning the loss of his balloons (”HE STOLE MY BALLOONS!”) to absentmindedly shooting his loyal henchmen Bob without so much as a second of hesitation. 


Fargo Season 2 Themed Valentine’s Day Cards

The bat-pony family needed some villains:B

It was a bit easier to find ideas for cutie marks for these guys since most of them have a recognizable symbol…except Harley Quinn, she would have gotten her cutie mark before her meeting with the Joker so it doesn’t quite fit her current personality… If its too hard to see its a psychiatry chair. 

Joker is a batpony (or partially, given the hair) but he’s missing the wings. If you wanna know why he’ll probably just give you various contradicting stories. 

Harvey Dent is half batpony half pegasus, literally split down the middle. 

Poison Ivy pretty much had to be an earth pony given their affinity to plants and the earth. 

Harley… just became an earth pony. I didn’t want her to have magic or the ability to fly.