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can painting dice mess up their balance? i told my bf (a seasoned dnd player, im new!!) the i re inked my dice and then added details w paint on the edges and he said it may mess them up. is that true?

I really really doubt the teeny tiny weights of paint you’re adding could unbalance your dice! The truth is, very few commercially available dice are perfectly in balance–nearly all manufacturers put their dice in a rock tumbler type set-up to remove mold flaws, and they end up ever-so-slightly off-shape. There’s also unseen air bubbles inside and different densities of plastic (in the case of the fancy swirly types) changing the balance.

As long as you’re giving your dice a good shake before you let ‘em roll, balance shouldn’t be a problem!

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i’m the only one who gets your costume and apparently that makes you wanna rip my clothes off

This is how it all begins: in the ninth grade, at the school mandated Halloween party held in the gymnasium.

She’s dressed as Supergirl, has already received five compliments on her cape. He has his arms crossed over his chest, scowling heavily at anyone who even spares him a second glance. The plume of his helmet won’t stop tickling at her nose.

“Your face is going to stay stuck that way if you keep looking like that.” She points out, mimicking the tense, pinched expression on his face.

If anything, his scowl seems to get darker at that. “Don’t tell me how to feel, princess.”

“Supergirl.” She corrects, rolling her eyes. “I’m dressed as Supergirl.”

“Well, now we both know how it feels when people get your costume wrong.” He grumbles, shooting her the stink-eye. “Gladiator. God, what a joke.”

Clarke shrugs. “It’s probably because of the armor.”

“I’m not dressed as some ordinary gladiator,” he says hotly, whirling on to her. “I thought the arrow would be a dead giveaway, but I guess the concept of nuance is lost on some people.”

He plants his hands on his hips, as if daring her to voice her opinion on what his costume likely is. She arches a brow back at him, waits.

“Achilles,” he relents, giving an impatient wave of his fingers. “I’m dressed as Achilles, see? And the arrow—”

“I know who Achilles is.” She cuts in, mild, and before he can say another word, “Your galea is crooked, did you know that?”

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Guns For Hire - On Errera

It’s been a while since I last did this, but here are some thoughts on Errera, the hottest nightclub, like, ever.

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  • Errera has a special high density plastic dome that allows for outdoor activities, including viewing the sky at night, safe from plague clouds. Some people even use the dome to view plague cloud light shows in safety.
  • Just inside the airlock there is a helmet storage system in a side room, allowing individuals to safely store their head gear and not have to worry. It works through individual storage lockers. In the side room you sign up for a locker by pressing you hand to a screen which scans the print and brings you a small, slightly larger than helmet sized locker. This way you can’t lose keys or forget your locker number. Even drunk people can get their stuff simply by scanning their hand.

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