The team end scene toast AU gifs, 1

NCIS:LA 6x14

PS. They did not toast to Densi aka Mr & Mrs Deeks

PS. Hetty, could you be more obvious? Giving your blessing to Densi. Basically saying that you know, and that you approve and believe in them. 

The Densi cactus love story by Hetty Lange: 

“Two young lovers who were forbidden to get married, so they ran away…to the mountains. The Goddess of the Land took pity on them. She changed the young man into a giant cactus, and she took the spirit of the young woman and put it into the plant. Occasionally the young woman emerges to enjoy the view. In the firm of a cactus flower." 

“Protected and together for eternity.” - Sam 


densi gifs, 2

Deeks. There it is. That’s right. That’s it. 

Kensi: What? 

Deeks: I’m feeling it.

Kensi: Feeling what? 

Deeks: Zen, baby. And I like it! 

Kensi: Disgusting.

Deeks: What?!?

Kensi: Why do you have to bring sex into everything? 

Deeks: I don’t know what you’re talking about with sex. I’m talking about zen. I’m talking about being one with the Universe here. 

Kensi: “Zen” he says. Zen?!? I think I know a metaphor when I hear one. 

Deeks: Well, you’ll know my metaphor when I whip it out. 

Kensi: And there it is again. 

Deeks: I don’t know what you’re talking about.