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Sacha’s Ultimate Densi Fic Rec List

These are all from and use the authors names as listed there. Requested by homegrownoregano

Multi Chapter

Fork in the Road by peanutbutterer (Romance) Fabulous In-Progress AU fic where Deeks doesn’t become an agent. 

Subterfuge by starvingstudent (Drama/Romance) Deeks is accused of being a mole. Amazingly well written. Had me captivated from beginning to end. Established Densi. Completed

Lily by jerseycaramel (Romance/Humor) Kensi gets a puppy! This WIP story is sweet and funny and follows Kensi and Deeks as they start their relationship. 

Armistice and Accompaniment by Kerrison (Friendship/Romance) Absolutely gorgeous post-5x01 onwards. Completed.

Spicing Things Up by Belle Walker (Humor/Romance) Deeks teaches Kensi to cook in this wonderfully written fic. Completed.

When Knives, Boxes, and Raccoons Collide by starvingstudent (Romance/Humor) Post Three Hearts, Kensi and Deeks find their way. Absolutely awesome fic. Completed.

To Whom it May Concern by NavyStrong42009 (Romance/Angst) Kensi is burned and has to go on the run. Deeks goes with her. Well written and a great read. In Progress

My Fault by JerichoSteele (Angst/Hurt/Comfort) This fic is preceded by two companion one shots. It’s a total angst-fest and it will rip your heart out and leave you in the foetal position on the floor, ugly sobbing for a week. Densi endgame even though they start off with other people. Basically, Kensi pushes Deeks away and breaks their ‘thing’, years later they find their way back to each other. Completed.

Under Different Circumstances by fistfulofwords (Friendship/Romance) This is a WIP College AU that’s really well written and a great glimpse into younger Kensi and Deeks. It hasn’t been updated since October last year but I’m still holding out hope. 


(Instead of one shots I’m putting down authors who write fabulous one shots because the majority of my faves come form these people.)







I’ll be adding to this list as I find more that I LOVE. I tend to read a lot (as I’m sure most of us do) so things get a bit mixed up in my mind. Every fic on this list is one I’ve read more than once and all the authors on this list, I’ve read several of their fics more than once.