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anonymous asked:

Do you recommend any horror manga?

  • Ju-on: Video Side
  • Ju-on 2 
  • Shiranui Kitanroku 
  • The Ring Series
  • One Missed Call 
  • Hell Girl 
  • Jigoku Shoujo R
  • Mail 
  • SkyHigh 
  • The Horror Mansion
  • Toshi Densetsu
  • Nightmares for Sale (The last time I checked, this one was impossible to find and read online.)
  • Screaming Lessons
  • Uzumaki 
  • Mimi no Kaidan 
  • Shuuen no Shiori 
  • Fuan no Tane
  • Fuan no Tane Plus 
  • Zashiki Onna 
  • Yami no Koe 
  • Shoujotachi no Kaidan (Story #3 is a great example as to why you should take care of your belongings)
  • Dark Metro 
  • Ibitsu
  • Nemurenu Yoru no Monogatari 
  • Yin Yang Road

Love Angel stickers illustrated by Wedding Peach mangaka, Yazawa Nao (+ some random anime pics). These adhesive goodies were bundled with the April 1996 issue of Ciao magazine and scanned from my personal collection.