dense crust

So a few people asked me to expand on my post where I was asked if I tie my deities with science in any way. Since someone else asked me to ramble on Jorm, I figure I’ll start with zir.

I see Jormungandr in the cycle of crust creation and subduction as well as in Earth’s magnetic field. Jorm is an ouroboros - a symbol of self reflexivity and self-creation in the form of a serpent or dragon biting its own tail. At its end it begins again and its end feeds into itself. The way our crust is made is much the same. Magma bubbles up at rift zones in the ocean, cooling and forming rock. Further rifting continues to push the crust apart. At its far edges, cooled oceanic crust is dense and sinks beneath lighter continental crust. The old crust subducts and eventually begins to partially melt, creating the magma that will eventually bubble up again. Its end leads to and fuels its rebirth just like with Jormungandr. 

The production of Earth’s magnetic field is due to the structure of our core: the liquid outer core and the solid inner core. Because of temperature differences, the liquid out core moves and produces convection layers in accordance with the Coriolis Effect. In addition, the flowing iron produces electrical currents which create a magnetic field. The planet’s magnetic field is one of the Earth’s most potent defenses. It protects us from harmful radiation by shielding our atmosphere from solar winds. If we didn’t have it, our atmosphere would be akin to Mars’s. As the magnetic field wraps around Earth, Jormungandr encircles Midgard. Some believe zir to be a protective ring of sorts, which to me, strongly correlates to Earth’s magnetic field. In addition, the process of crust production is linked to this as a good portion of plate tectonic shifting is due to the dynamics of the inner-outer core producing heat to melt the bottom of the mantle which then convects heat upwards, allowing for the mantle to flow in the solid state. Jorm is about flow, creating anew from the destruction of the self, and a protective force and I very much see zir in these processes and phenomena.