dense art

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My friend and I are sitting at work talking about our Dragon age OTPs and I may or may not have told her my only pairing for Zevran is Zevran/Colt then I showed her your art and she squealed like 'OHHHHH MY GOD'.


YEESSSS!! Heehee!! Okay okay I wasn’t gonna post this before but I must celebrate people talking about/shipping my ship so here, just for you anon!

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Can i ask what your brush settings are? :0 i really love your art and i just urnfhg

thank you anon aaa most of my brushes are from clip studio assets !! but these two are the ones I use the most! > <


also for coloring I use dense watercolor !


if u listen closely u can hear kuroo’s heart shattering in the distance

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does the lady guard stay with the prince by his room? does she or he get flustered at more personal necessities? Like changing clothes or showering?

Drew got a bed by Cyril’s bed side so she doesn’t have to run all the way from the barracks to the castle to help him. And while Cyril appreciates her dedication to protecting him, he still isn’t used to having a personal knight to defend him 24/7

Humans don’t stay alive for the sake of survival, but rather for the sake of things that bring purpose. Religion, art, music, love. An endless oblivion of darkness in space, humans are the only species primative enough to care. You must do what you love. The best things in life will always end in conflict. That is why humans are primative.