densa and eska


I received a vision from the spirit world that if I did not text post all the LOK and ATLA villains, 10,000 years of darkness and chaos would fall, Vaatu would defeat Raava, and they would pull doctor who off of netflix.

 So give you Unalaq: text posted.

Kuvira Vs. Text posts

Zaheer and the Red Lotus Vs. Text posts

Tarrlok and Amon Vs. Text posts

Ozai Vs. Text Posts

Azula Vs. Text Posts

Tahno could have a role here

An no, I’m not just saying that becuase I like the character. I genuinely feel Tahno could have a part to play in this Water tribe fiasco.

We’re seeing North vs. South, but as we made many jokes about during season 1, Tahno is ethnically neither. I think seeing him and the Republic City waterbenders getting involved could be very interesting. Unalaq would likely see them as enemies for their secularism, they’d all have a sort of “oh  spirits, not another one” attitude going and it would put Unalaq’s efforts to turn back the clock in stark contrast to their very existence.

Seriously, Republic City as a whole would hate Unalaq, and unless Asami’s going to play that role all by herself, I see some potential for Tahno as he’s a waterbender and so has something of a stake in this.

Plus you can just see him happily out-snarking Densa and Eska like “Yeah, sorry, the ice-queen title is mine, kids. Like the fabulous title.” and then he and Densa get in an ice-fight over being the main effeminate guy in the show.

Korra's Cousins.

We can go on and on about how creepy Densa and Eska are  (even though we love them for it), but notice how Korra never gets creaped out by it, she just seems chill toward them.  I’m thinking that even though their parents were estranged the three of them were pretty chill growing up. I mean, how many of you have cousins cool enough to go on a double date with you?  Here’s a shout out to all the cousins out there who make our childhood.