denpa gumi inc

One of my favorite idol groups (ok, my favorite for groups!), Denpa just released their first album! I drew this to commemorate and give to them at their release event. They were all very happy to get it so I was happy too I tried to show their individuality in their expressions, I wonder if it worked???

For a sample of Denpa Gumi’s music, check out these youtube vids! Unfortunately none of them show just how fun they are to see live though. If you are in Japan please stop by Dearstage and meet them for yourself Their music is made by greats like Koike Masaya and Hyadain!

ALSO their album should be released on itunes worldwide sometime today???!? It’s addicting, I recommend it 100%

Always trying to become a magical girl. That’s my motto. It is also the title of my solo single. I am trying to say that something that is not quite perfect is the strongest. I want to be a magical girl that can make every wish come true, but for this to become a reality is just not going to happen. However, I think the girl who wanted to be a genius, but couldn’t and hit rock bottom can be the strongest of them all. Even if you can’t be that magical girl, you might end up being something more powerful. I think it would be wonderful if more people who are not so well off or don’t have any special talents don’t throw in the towel and keep on trying. Don’t say “I give up,” I want more kids to pick themselves up off the ground and take on a new challenge. There are so many places like the net where you can express yourself, and through Denpa Gumi Inc. I hope we can get this message to those who have given up on society and just stay at home.
—  Nemu Yumemi

Innocent Lilies 白魔女学園  trailer 60sec


でんぱ組.inc「Sabotage」Short ver. (by TOYSFACTORYJP)