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Hey there Emma'Lee! Love your tumblr, tons of awesome stuff on here, but your theme makes it a bit difficult to click on stuff, as well as there being nowhere near enough on one page. Have you thought of adding endless scrolling to your page? That would make it so much easier to view. Anyway, awesome page, keep up the good work!

It makes me so euphoric that somebody actually spelled my name right.

Anyway, I was actually thinking of just changing my whole theme up since I’ve been using this one for quite some time now. I’ll keep the endless scrolling thing in mind. Thank you! c:

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I’ve played most of these, and Oblivion is my favourite. When I got it, I played for weeks for 2 weeks solid. Love that game. How do you get your games? Buy them or download? Do you know about

I got them from my brother, but now I can’t install like half of them because they’re apparently already linked to his Steam account. BUT, Oblivion is installing now. :3 I had played it before on xbox, but I haven’t played it on a PC. 

And no, I haven’t.