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Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia (s12 Montage) - Nobody Speak

Warning: Flashing in the beginning 

One thing i really don’t like about SU is how every blue gem has the same color palette and how they just put it different on the characters even tho the actual gems arent the same blue.



and this are not the same


Holy crap! Dennis Reynolds strongly resembles Ted Bundy. The mannerisms that Dennis displays makes me wonder if they realized the resemblance and wanted to spoof it.

Dennis: I’m not going to take no for an answer because I just refuse to do that, because I’m a winner and winners… we don’t listen to words like ‘no’ or 'don’t’ or 'stop!’ Those words are just not in our vocabulary. Season Three,The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty Magoo

I could be a man with a fistful of hammers, a trunk full of duct tape and zip ties. Season Seven, The ANTI-Social Network

Random facts about sheldon;

  • - Almost always on his phone talking to his mom who thinks he’s out playing with his friends
  • - She still thinks hes like 12 which he knows and hates but at the same time does nothing about or against it because that way mama does everything for him
  • - He’s youre typical nerdy teen, likes to play D&D or Vid Games, acts like hes the shit but deep doen knows that hes just Sheldon
  • - Dont talk about the glue eating thing, he does not want to talk about it. (Because he knows its weird but he cant stop doing it, i guess it doesnt really matter now anyway)
  • - Hes actually pretty chill when you talk with him if you talk about stuff he cares about and not stuff he hates
  • - Loses his cool a lot if things dont work the way he wants
  • - Is really bad when it comes to romantic stuff, only girl he ever kissed was his mom
  • - Talk shit about his mom and you be sure to be glued to the wall
  • - his favorite food are nachos

I’m asking for you to give me a show title because I wanna do a challenge 

So far we have

So if you already gave me a show (Cartoon/anime) you can send me more if you got more ideas. I need at least 15