denny weston

Here’s the second edition of the new LES MIZ Swing Series‬, courtesy of Weston Wells Olson! Learn what the life of a Broadway swing is all about. – So, what exactly is a split track? Split track: when a swing has to combine two or more tracks (a series of minor characters played by a single chorus member in successive scenes) into one. I’ve already had to do it a few times, once combining four tracks. It isn’t easy, but with a supportive cast, swings are always at their best. Recently, I went on for Dennis Moench! He has several great features like pimp, dead body, Claquesous and blind man.

delossantosj  asked:

Evo top 8 predictions? Speaking about melee, not tr4sh

1. Losers bracket Mango
2. Dr PPMD the medical doctor
3. Leffeb
4. Armada the dirty swede
5. Hungry Box the embodiment of hard work
6. AmsA the Greninja guy.
7. Mew2King. ;-;
8. Weston “Westballz” Dennis
43rd : Sepherioth Ken. He’s new go easy.