denny duquette

If you had told me 11 years ago that I would one day get the chance to meet this wonderful man, not once but TWICE, I would have told you you were crazy. Over these last 11 years I have had a lot of health problems due to an auto immune condition I have as well as a host of other problems. Surgery became a big part of my life, sometimes with multiple surgeries in a year’s time. Of course, with surgery comes lots of recovery time. My recovery ritual for the last 11 years has been to watch all of the Grey’s Anatomy episodes beginning with Denny’s first appearance through when he is in the show for the last time as a hallucination of Izzy’s. Even though our health issues were different, I related to him on a personal level. Denny remained so positive despite his circumstances and he inspired me to do so as well. There’s always been something so comforting to me about Jeffrey Dean Morgan since his portrayal of Denny. His smile, laugh, and genuineness light up a room. And I finally got to tell him all of that this weekend. Thank you, Jeffrey for making my life a little brighter! ❤️