Title: Love At First Sight? (Part 10.)

Character(s): Denny and Jess (fictional/original character).
Summary: Jess finally understands.
Word Count: 2,144
Author’s Note: Thank you so much to everyone who has liked this story so far! It means so much to me, guys. You have no idea! Also, Listen to Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol to give you more feels. The song will sound very, very familiar from a certain Grey’s Anatomy episode… Also, I used a quote from Grey’s Anatomy, so that belongs to Shonda Rhimes! 

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It had been a week since Kate stopped by. A week since Denny tried to tell me to leave. A week since we admitted to each other that we loved one another.

It had been a goddamn week and still, there was no sign of a new heart. No good news. Denny was getting worse. He tried to smile, to tease me like he usually did, but spending every minute with him for the past three months showed me that he, too, was believing that his time had finally run out.

Kate thought that it was best to show up to the hospital today to try and give Denny a “Get Well” card. She must have assumed that I wouldn’t be here because the minute she saw me sitting at his bed, the look of surprise on her face was priceless.

“Oh, Jess…”

Denny looks over at me, sending me a warning glance. I knew he was telling me to calm down, to not get angry, but I couldn’t help myself. Kate, of all people, was supposed to be the one person that should understand and stand by my wishes.

“What are you doing here, Kate?” I ask, trying to keep my anger at bay. Denny rests a hand over my own, squeezing it with little strength.

“I didn’t – I wanted to give Denny a ‘Get Well’ card. I didn’t know you’d be here,” she says.

I arch a brow. “And why’s that? Denny’s my boyfriend. Why would I leave?”

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