Serial Killers with Morbid Death Fascinations:

  • John Wayne Gacy - Worked in a mortuary, sleeping in the embalming room, alone with corpses, but was fired after corpses were found partially undressed.
  • Dennis Nilsen (Pictured) - Pretended he was a corpse and masturbated in the mirror to his own dead image.
  • Jeffrey Dahmer - Loved the dissection in biology class, told a classmate that he sliced open the fish he caught because “I want to see what it looks like inside, I like to see how things work.”
  • Ed Gein - Grave robbing, lamp shades made from human skin, seat covers, and skulls used as drinking cups. He also made clothing and bracelets out of body parts.
  • Ted Bundy - Bundy’s fiancée, Liz Kloepfer, even confessed that he liked her to pretend to be dead while they were having sex or he couldn’t have an orgasm.  

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The Kindly Killer:
Dennis Nilsen’s victims were people living away from mainstream society thus less likely to be noted missing or receive full police attention.
Most of his victims were male prostitutes, orphans and vagrants.
He always lured them to his apartment where he would strangle them then resuscitate them for several hours before finally killing them by drowning.
He would then wash the body, spend the night having sex with it and talking to it before taking lots of photos in order to re-enact the murder later.
He would then hide the body in his floorboards for a few months before burning it in his backyard.
When he moved to an apartment without a backyard and on the top floor in order to curb his killings, his methods changed.
He would dissect the bodies naked on his kitchen floor while feeding some to his pet dog.
Then he would flush bits down the toilet and systematically every day put small bits in his rubbish.

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Hybristophilia (n.) - an attraction to a person who commits crimes.

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Dennis Nilsen is one of Great Britain’s most prolific serial killers. He is also one of the most enigmatic. Between 1978 and 1983, Nilsen toon 15 different men out on nice dates in which he treated them kindly and then murdered them. He strangled or drowned his victims, usually after they had become intoxicated. He then tended to the bodies, bathing and then re-dressing them before placing them in macabre tableau in various parts in his living room. He treated the corpses like roommates, occasionally having sex with them also. This process earned him the title “The Kindly Killer”.

Nilsen’s killings began at his first address at 195 Melrose Avenue, London. He killed a total of 12 men at this address before moving to 23 Cranley Gardens, also in London where he killed the remaining three. After drain clearing company Dyno Rod inspected a blockage and foul smells at Cranley Gardens, suspicious bones then lead to a police investigation. On discovering bags full of human entrails in one of Nilsen’s closets, police arrested the man.

Although rather cold and uncaring regarding his crimes, Nilsen did assist in every aspect of the police investigation. He helped locate the remains of his victims at both addresses as well as providing detailed descriptions of the murders and victims.

Nilsen has been compared to American Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer in that his motive was simply loneliness. His tendency to leave body parts and even whole corpses in plain sight during the day and to interact with them is as pitiful as it is deplorable. Dennis Nilsen is one of only a handful of prisoners in Britain who are incarcerated with no hope of parole.

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The Faces of some of Britain’s Most Evil Male Killers that are currently incarcerated.

First Row (L-R) Anthony Arkwright, Levi Bellfield

Second Row (L-R) Ian Huntley, Ian Brady, Anthony Entwistle

Third Row (L-R) Patrick Mackay, Kenneth Erskine, Dennis Nilsen

Fourth Row (L-R) Peter Sutcliffe, Robert Black

At the height of his murders, Dennis Nilsen found it difficult to dispose of the remains and had suitcases full of human organs stored in his wardrobe, and plastic bags with human remains under the floorboards. Neighbours had begun to notice the smell. When he had tried to dispose of the bodies by flushing them down the toilet, he completely blocked the sewerage of his house.

When a company was called to unblock the sewer system, they first found the drain to be packed with a flesh-like substance. The drain inspector then called his supervisor, but no assessment was made until the next day, by which time the drain had been cleared. This aroused the suspicions of the drain inspector and his supervisor, who immediately called the police. Upon closer inspection, some small bones and what looked like chicken flesh were found in a pipe leading off from the drain; these were later discovered to be of human origin.

As police entered Nilsen’s residence, they explained that they had come to inquire about his drains. He calmly asked why the police would be so interested in his drains so the officer told him they were filled with human remains. “Good grief, how awful!” was Nilsen’s reply.

After a while, Nilsen confessed to a string of murders and that the other body parts were in two plastic bags in his wardrobe. He was then arrested and cautioned on suspicion of murder and taken to the police station.