Awful Sexism in Star Trek DS9 Graphic Novel

Hey guys! I’m a huge Star Trek fan, especially of the show Deep Space Nine. So when I saw a Star Trek DS9 graphic novel in a comic shop during my college NY trip, I was really excited!

And here’s the thing, its a great story! The characterizations are spot, the plot feels exactly like a real episode of DS9, and for the most part the art is pretty good! I especially loved that Garak plays an important part in the  story, since he’s one of my favorite characters in DS9. The ending was perfect as well.

But there was one glaringly obvious and frankly distracting problem that persisted throughout the book. Lets take a look shall we?

Ok, so far so good, I like the color palate, and look, they even gave Morn an appearance! Lets keep going.

Oh look, its Sisko and Dax! They look pretty good! The office looks good too. So far the beginning of this book is promising.

…hmm, wonder where Major Kira is? Oh here she comes!

Wait…why can I see both of her individual boobs through her thick military uniform? Well, it dosnt’ look that bad, it could be wor….

What the fuck!? That’s not even anatomically correct! And they are huge!

The boobs are not only to big, they are to low, and it should be impossible to see them like that through her uniform!

They basically turned Major Kira, one of the strongest most badass woman in Star Trek, into walking boobs!

Half the time this sexist artist doesn’t’ even bother with proper anatomy! Just as long as you see huge curves. She is basically drawn naked, with her curves hugely exaggerated and her clothes just painted on! 

And what the fuck?! You can even see her collar bone through supposedly padded fabric! THATS NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE!!

Look at this! Its ridiculous! and just look and the third image above! He didn’t even bother to give her pupils or a nose, but her chest is drawn and colored with great detail! 

Just look at the difference here between Kira and these awful drawings!

Gah! It makes me so mad!

Left is a pic of everyone else, looking normal. And right is the last time in the  comic that we see Kira grace us with her boobs, oops, I meant her presence.  

Now I’m not saying that sexy, big boobed women in thin clothes are a bad thing. For example if It was this fine lady below being drawn like this:

It would be totally fine.

But taking a woman and changing her appearance, making her assets larger, and making the clothes basically see through when they shouldn’t be, just  to pander to giving men something to oogle, Is soo  grose and wrong.

Now I know that shit like this is common in super hero comics, but from a Star Trek book I expected better. And its obvious that they are capable, just look at some of the art that was put at the back of the book!

The last one is from the cover.

Why couldn’t they do the rest of the book like this?!

And here is an even simpler great fanart of kira that i found.

By Dennis Budd

Now This is how you  do it!

It's just sad and so disappointing. The way Kira is portrayed was so distracting, and ruined an otherwise good book.


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