dennis stewart


recovery road - season one episode seven - sick as our secrets

“ every friendship has an origin story, but some aren’t what they seem. enemies can be friends in disguise, and vice versa. people can surprise you; with s e c r e t s, with lies, with the truth. ”

Have you ever wondered why you have so many gay and bisexual characters on your dash and then realize it’s because Canada knows how to make good shows with gay/bisexual characters where their sexuality isn’t their defining trait or a central point in the show (Lost Girl, Rookie Blue, Orphan Black, Bomb Girls) while it seems that the U.S. just loves to make shows that create subtext between two women (Xena: Warrior Princess, Rizzoli & Isles, Warehouse 13, Once Upon A Time)? Cause even though I already knew this, putting it into words made me wonder why American producers aren’t taking notes from Canadian producers.

Regarding the trans playboy model discourse and bullshit - I’d just like to publicly take a moment to personally thank the “gender critical” “gender is a social construct” “gender doesn’t actually exist” “gender non-conforming” “non-binary” aspect of feminism that has so royally fucked the way trans people are perceived by the non-trans majority. I’d just like to take a moment to thank the moron’s who scream about “gender is a spectrum” “there are 803454345 genders” - a very personal thank you to trans flacktavists like Riley Dennis and Milo Stewart, who have taken what it means to be transgender and turned it into a fashion statement, a buzzword-laden confusion soup and a fucking joke. Thank you to all of you for all of your tireless hours of hard work making it so much harder for trans men and women to simply exist in this world without being dissected, inspected and placed under a microscope and scrutinized.

As far as the playboy model goes - Ines Rau is physically indistinguishable from any other playboy model. She’s a woman, she’s undergone every physical transition to achieve her feminine body and to say that that body is any less female than any other body when you literally could not distinguish between them without prior knowledge is outrageous. If you’re a man who’s attracted to women, Ines Rau is probably quite attractive to you. Because she looks like a woman. That’s okay, embrace that, it doesn’t mean anything about you or your orientation to be attracted to what you’ve always been attracted to.

I’m just so blown away by the anti-trans sentiment I see from every corner right now… but I’m not stupid. I know why it’s happening and what’s causing it. I know where it’s coming from and why the tides are shifting against transgender individuals once again.

So, again, thank you to all of the people who have recently clambered their way into our spaces and used our voices and identities like costumes to further their political agendas and ridiculous fantasies and ideas. I’m sure once the majority opinion of trans people has once again reached a point where we fear to be outed and live in secret to remain safe you’ll all drop your pretty non-binary titles and multiple word genders to escape the newest round of oppression and violence you’ve rained down on all of our heads. I wish we all could so easily escape the persecution you’re so eagerly engendering… but unfortunately for some of us this isn’t about politics, it’s just our fucking lives.