dennis gets so close to mac's face

Ok so i was thinking about this post by @newbads all day and specifically like. When and how did dennis start acting distant around Mac? but i kind of went off on a tangent not rly related to that post so heres on its own, like, sort of a timeline i guess, starting from mortgage crisis and ending with ddl

(i actually started this like a week ago and then got stuck halfway through and now school has started again so i wont probably have time to come back to it like i’d want, so i’m posting it as is and pls feel free to contribute later stuff if u want to :))))

Hypothesis: Dennis is super touchy and affectionate in season 5, freaks out after Break Up when he realises his feelings for mac, temporarily distances himself a little bit for a while (including marrying maureen), but mostly still pretty close. After Mac Day starts getting especially distant and it only gets worse over time, reaches a peak in s12 after Mac comes out in HoHC, and its evident by DDL that this is not sustainable and something drastic has to change.

read more because its fuckn long for a dashboard tbh, sorry

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anonymous asked:

macdennis, number 2 or 25? love your writing!

I’m sorry for the long wait, anon! Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy it! It’s set in Season 12, after “PTSDee.” 

25.) “I dreamt about you last night.”

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