dennis cretton

Short Term 12 (2013)

It’s a real shame that small, independent films like these are just completely ignored when it comes to the awards season and the big awards shows. It’s not just a shame, it’s not right and compltely unjust. Films like Short Term 12 appear out of nowhere every year and receive critical acclaim, yet are completely ignored at events like the Oscars. Why is it that these low budget, under the radar films cannot be acknowledged? These aspiring young filmmakers deserve to be recognised for what they are doing.

But moving onto my thoughts, Short Term 12 tackles a very delicate and tough issue and is given the direction of newcomer Destin Cretton who gives the film an innate quality to it that appeals to the audience’s emotions. It’s very powerful in the way it evokes a sense of sorrow and thoughtfulness for the characters, not only the less fortunate one’s, but the older supervisors of the foster care as well.

Most of the characters, both young and old are given fantastic character development and appropriate back stories that drive the film even more and gives the film the depth that it needs to stand for what it is. I think what stands out a lot about Short Term 12 though, is the interrelationship between some of the foster kids and the older couple in the film. Their relationships ties in beautifully with the nature of the environment they are in. Brie Larson is a star and proves that she has what it takes to take on bigger roles and I’ll just say that if this does not open up her career to a range of opportunities, then I’ll be furious.

Honestly, Short Term 12 is faultless in my eyes and probably one of the best independent films I have ever seen and will most likely stay up there as one of the best I will see. Yes, it’s that good that I am confident to say that.