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Atla and LoK Influential Nationalities Part 3: “New Team Avatar”
Earth Kingdom influenced by Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cultures
Fire Nation influenced byChinese, Indonesian, South, Southeast, and East Asian cultures
Water Tribe influenced byNative American, Yupic, and Sirenik Eskimo cultures 
Air Nomads influenced by Indian and Tibetan cultures

Korra – Elizabeth Frances(Native American)
Asami –
Mako –
Dennis Joseph O’Neil(South Korean)
Bolin –
Steven Yeun(South Korean)
Lin –
Random tough looking Japanese business woman 

Part 1: “The Gaang" 
Part 2: "Extended Gaang + Everyone’s Favorite Wacky Kid Sister”
Part 4: “Air-babies" 
Part 5: "Air-babies and Kataang babies Continued" 
Part 6: "Republic City Goers” 
Part 7: “The Beifong Clan”
Part 8: “Others…”

*This is not a casting post. These aren’t “the people” for “the role”, they’re just people who are based on what their nation was influenced by. 

Everything Sings: Maps for a Narrative Atlas by Dennis Wood

Denis Wood has created an atlas unlike any other. From mapping radio waves permeating the air to Halloween pumpkins on porches, Wood’s joyful subversion of the traditional notions of mapmaking forge new ways of seeing not only the particular, but also the very nature of place itself. Surveying his century-old, half-square mile neighborhood Boylan Heights in Raleigh, North Carolina, Wood searches for the revelatory details in what has never been mapped or may not even be mappable. In each map, he attunes the eye to the invisible, the overlooked, and the seemingly insignificant. Together, these maps accumulate into a multi-layered story about one neighborhood as well as about the pursuit of understanding the places we call home. This alchemical combination of science and art creates a fascinating tension between the empirical and the elusive, between what one can know and what one can imagine. As much as Everything Sings is a collection of extraordinary maps, it is also a testament to the imaginative capacity of humans to make them.

Hi. I’m here to propose something for those who tag hate on Arc-v character’s tags. The short version is: Please make another hashtag for the character you hate on; one where you can spared all the hate you wants, without making the fans of the same character uncomfortable.

If you don’t care it’s completely ok, but if you wonder “why should I stop tagging hate if I think Dennis is a complete asshole/ Serena’s been ruined like any other female character/ Jack never should’ve appear in Arc-v …” then I really recommend reading this.

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