halemartins replied to your post: Ifi told me you want to marry her. Tyler’s not impressed tbh.

No, no, no, no, no. Brynne and Ifi’s wedding will be of the red variety, Tyler will make sure of it. And when did that become a thing, that’s not a thing, Brynne. Tyler would never want to come between Caryn and Tanya, that’s some true tub there.

I’m sorry, not sorry dear. You passed up on Iphi when you protested the match so adamently - now she’s all mine. You’re just jealous and want what I so obviously possess now.

My wedding with be red with lovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee. (Also consider yourself uninvited now)

And however much I ship Tanya and Caryn together, and their tub for eachother, I ship Tanya/Rahi above all others. Leaving Caryn free for your love connections ;) and oh how there that sexual tension permeates the airrrrrrrr <3


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Tagged by the perdon i will ship Klaroline till the end and eat people with Caryn


. What do you love most about me?
That you are   a hopeless romantic *still believing in tyfi*

2. Klayley or Steroline, with reasons?
Steroline cause I can see some sense in Caroline choosing to be with Stefan even for a while when Klaus is not so open to love and will ruin his characters to  give love like it’s lollipops

3. If you could become any TV character who would you become?
Elizabeth Bennet

4. Favourite animal?
White tiger

5. What Hogwarts house are you in?

6. What letter of the alphabet is your favourite?
J (Joseph Morgan, Johnny Depp, Jonathan Meyers,,,)

7. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
A lot> *i have no idea what is this*

8.  Favourite ice-cream topping?
Don’t like ice toppings

9. Favourite piece of Klaroline smut? With links
Everything she writes 

10. Favourite flower?

11. Favourite drink?
Tears of my enemies

My Questions:

1.  Favourite Klaroline Moment
2. What’s your Ideal partners for a threesome?
3. Top 4 Favourite Movies
4. Tyfi or Bryphi?
5. Chocolate or Pizza?
6. How would you kill Carina and Julie?
7. Favourite Ships?
8. Would you love me if i was no longer young and beautiful?
9. Are you gonna watch To and Tvd?
10. You find Joseph Morgan on the street without his memories…what do you do?
11.  Guilty Pleasure?

anonymous asked:

What about tumblr? I mean how about you answer the game with tumblr as the fandom.. pretty please?

This is difficult!

Favourite Person: Whoever talks to me
Least Favourite Person: Tanya
Person I Want to Marry: Christina
Person With Whom I Want to Be Best Friends: All my followers
Favourite Pairing: Tyfi obviously
Unpopular Opinion: Tyfi is endgame 

Thanks for asking!

anonymous asked:

OHMG!!! O_O You rans Tanyas blog! O_O ! I would give ANYTHING to get to run her blog

LOL, I told Tanya you sent this and she said to say “there is only person i’d trust my blog with and its Brynnie.“

Haha - but yup :) and she loved me so much for it she’s left an open ended invitation for me to go there when I’m bored so I can queue stuff etc. :P LOL.

More like an open ended invitation to cause havoc!

pale-silver-comb asked:

24, 16 & 4?

24. Favourite song from the show?

I really love Calm The Storm by Graffiti6. I never get tired of listening to it :P

16. Most ridiculous plot line?

oh jeez lol There’s too much to pick from tbh. but I think Jennifer Black being Derek’s love interest was the most ridiculous. It didn’t make sense that they would fall in love without some kind of magical mojo involved. The fandom knows implicitly that there was some mojo involved but the writers just ignored the possibility or the fact that the plot line didn’t really match the character development. but that’s just my opinion. 

4. Who is your OT3?

I like Scott/Allison/Isaac and Boyd/Erica/Isaac ;) 

thank you for asking, Emma <333 

Send me a fandom and a number 

One Last Time

read it on the AO3 at

by notanaveragesoul

Stiles fucking hates everything.

He was in love with Derek Hale and they were happy together until Jennifer Blake came into their lives and ruined everything.

Stiles is convinced that she is a witch but no one, not even Derek or his friends believe him.

Now, about a year after their break up, Stiles still hasn’t moved on. He knows that Derek is happy with his life and he doesn’t want to ruin it. But he also can’t ignore the feeling in his heart. He needs to be with Derek even for just one night. He needs to be with Derek one last time.

Words: 2136, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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Hi, I am one of Tanya's regular anons and all I see is her being really sad over some anons and I don't know what is happening ;-(. She has closed anon I cannot even message her. Do you know what is happening? I know you are one of her friends, I just wanted to tell her not all anons are mean and rude but I can't ;-(

Hey Nonny <3

It was really nice of you to check up on Tanya like that - I’m sure she’ll appreciate your support and I’ll tell her you stopped by :)

Some stupid hateful person went to her and said horrible things -.- Because they are petty and cruel and think that anonymity gives them the power to be an arsehole without consequences. 

ATM, Brynnie is seeing red and wants to hunt down said person, but I know Tanya can handle herself. 

By shutting her anon asks, and not responding to said hate, she’s done the right thing imo. Please don’t see it as a reflection on all of you guys cause I know a majority of you are just nice, shy people who love her. AND SHE LOVES YOU! I mean the other week she got me to run her blog cause her computer died for a few days and she didn’t want you guys to think she was ignoring you <3

Tanya has said she’ll open her ask tomorrow - she’s just tired, its midnight there, and she doesn’t have time to deal with that idiot. Better for her to ignore it.

She loves you, that’s for sure. and I love you for coming here! Don’t worry dearest!

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/If exact parallels could lead to Dennifer why not Ste/rek? Egor/ okay, gotcha. But how was dennifer parallel to ste/rek?

Look below and look for the gif set which show the parallel scene setting. It is a reblog from CTW. Egor