The story of Sterek

You know I can almost accept all the crap we’ve had from the PR and the queer erasure in the show, and the general sterek bashing. What makes me sick to the stomach is people still claiming sterek fans have nothing to complain about, it was never overt, it was never a thing, stop complaining about the PR ignoring you, you’re just mad and racist, and sexist because Derek got it on with Braeden this season. The homophobia in these sentiments is disgusting. Sexism and racism can be huge issues in fandom, I’m never going to argue against that. And believe me I am so fucking relieved Braeden didn’t turn out evil this season. There’s something really gross about the way Davis has led us to believe all of Derek’s girlfriends will be evil. That’s an expectency he cultivated though and considering Braeden’s weird actions this season (like we still don’t know why she was satomi or why she healed so fast) it’s no fucking wonder people were going, great here’s another evil woman brought in to make Derek a victim again. I’m glad she broke that pattern. What I’m not glad about is the way people are erasing the homophobia to defend Braeden. I’m poc too, believe me I get defending her, but not at the expense of erasing the blatant homophobia in Teen Wolf’s PR and queer erasure this season. We should be supporting each other, not pitting racism against homophobia for fuck’s sake.

Here’s some of the sterek story up to s4.

  • Davis tells us representation is very important to him and that he wants the show to be a homophobia-free world
  • People get excited. In a show that’s regularly credited as the new Buffy, a show 10 yrs old which had a canonically gay main character, is it any wonder ppl think this time we’ll get even more, even better representation? especially when…
  • Davis tells us they have heavily hinted Stiles is bisexual
  • Sterek becomes tremendously popular. Davis even attributes the show’s popularity to sterek and it’s passionate fans
  • The show, writers, cast and crew actively engage with fandom and sterek fandom in particular
  • Jeff Davis is asked if Sterek would ever have a chance at going canon. He infamously replies “I could be convinced”
  • Davis and friends continue to tease and discuss sterek on twitter
  • Obrien and Hoechlin do a video to support the sterek ship and get ppl to vote for the show in a poll
  • 3a hits and when Davis is asked in a Q&A twice about the similarities between Dennifer and Sterek scenes, Davis chooses to answer twice, heavily implying there is
  • Holland calls Derek and Stiles the show’s Ross and Rachel
  • Fans are called sexist for being suspicious of Jennifer. Jennifer turns out to have raped Derek. People still deny it in favour of calling sterek fans sexist. Homophobia wins out.
  • The PR suddenly stops engaging Sterek. Stydia replaces it in the PR, despite Stydia not having an active/current will-they-won’t-they relationship. Dethan is only ever discussed as the gay pairing, flying in the face of Davis not wanting to spotlight queer representation.
  • 3b starts. Sterek is no longer mentioned in PR. Davis tells us Scissac is the new Sterek.
  • The bring back Caitlyn at unusual expense to give us a scene that heavily implies Stiles is bisexual. This scene takes place in Derek’s loft.
  • Caitlyn, who was once explicitly stated lesbian, is revealed to be bisexual. Davis says this is because people were asking him for bisexual representation and he “listened”. Meanwhile, all the lesbians on the show lack a pulse.
  • Despite a great deal of Sterek subtext, Derek and Stiles do not interact until the final scene in 3a. The Sterek finale scene is huge and fans assume this is why Derek and Stiles were kept apart, so the finale would have maximum impact.
  • Davis confirms the Sterek dream scene was based on ‘an incident at owl creek bridge’. The inspiration further emphasizes the scene’s queer text. You’d think this would be a good thing.
  • Dethan ends. Davis says Dethan was a test cast. For what, nobody knows. Once dethan is over, the show erases all queer romance in s4, but continues to pat itself on the back for sidelining new gay character, Mason, and having the usual gay couples dancing in the background at some club/party. Apparently they only come out to dance in Beacon Hills.
  • Between s3b and s4 the PR continues to erase any talk of Sterek and/or queerness in the text
  • Posey tells us “Sterek is a bizarre, weird, twisted thing. And I think that anyone who pays more attention to Sterek than the show isn’t watching the show”
  • He does not apologize for his offensive homophobic comments. Death threats are sent to him by anti sterekers and Posey-fangirls, but nobody official bothers to look into it so Sterek gets the blame.
  • Posey later rubs salt into the wound by telling us Teen Wolf is so great for emphasizing the gay storyline.
  • The Sterek Campaign wins an MTV fandom award. It is not mentioned by name on TV or in MTV’s article. Any mention of Sterek is removed completely, the founders of the charity aren’t contacted, Posey, who called Sterek weird, bizarre and twisted, accepts the award and then gives it away to a random fan who had nothing to do with the charity.
  • When people complain on the MTV website, the word sterek is banned
  • Despite the blatant hints at Stiles’ bisexuality in 3b and the fact Davis has said several times the show has implied Stiles is bi, Dylan Obrien says in an interview that the scene meant nothing and Stiles is not gay. Though gay =/= bi, many people assume that is what he meant. Worse is the insinuation that the scene was meaningless.
  • S4’s promos parallel stalia and draeden scenes
  • S4 continues its theme of keeping Derek and Stiles apart. The subtext continues, but even when they are reunited there is no I missed you scene. It’s all subtext, no text. The “I missed you scene” was given to Dethan in 3b instead.
  • Danny, Stiles’ subtextual crush, is wiped from the series completely. There is no mention of him at all.
  • On the bright side the Sterek subtext continues, seems to build and intensify, stalia and draeden scenes continue to parallel each other in unusual ways.
  • The night of the finale an article by LGBT+ magazine Advocate is published declaring TW the epitome of queer inclusiveness. Only each member of the main cast interviewed plays a character who has only been involved in het relations. People hope this has been cleverly timed to coincide with something big in the finale (either sterek, danny or both)
  • The finale has plenty of sterek, but nothing overt. The Incident at owl creek bridge scene in the 3b finale doesn’t pay off. however stiles reaction convinces many non-shippers and casual viewers that something is between them, even if not romantic. It seems Sterek hasn’t been shut down, but it’s likely not going canon either.
  • Holland changes her tune and says she hopes Stydia are the show’s Ross and Rachel (this is after she said she preferred them as friends at the beginning of the season).
  • In an interview, Davis talks about how he liked the Draeden scenes this season even if “it wasn’t the romance most fans wanted”

Sorry, I really needed to get this off my chest. There’s a lot more, but I didn’t want to add it because it’s largely subtextual. The problem is most of the show’s important things lie in the foreshadowing/patterns/subtext, which makes it so frustrating to complain that we’re being queerbaited because most ppl assume the show’s terribly written and don’t take the subtext seriously, even though the entire show doesn’t work without it. In a nutshell, I’m done. This show is clearly happy keeping sterek in the subtext but never making it explicit. For the record I don’t think Stalia is going to last and Draeden was just a stepping point for Derek, but that doesn’t mean I think sterek is going canon either. Hoechlin seems genuinely oblvious about any sterek subtext and according to suaine a bisexual arc was talked about but decided against. Because “homosexuality” isn’t an issue in Beacon Hills.

But it is in our world.

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Do you know when and why she went "rogue" lol?//if this is the half hard girl, it started with her shipping dennifer. Then she went really hard for draeden. Anyone who didn't ship it was racist etc. Tbh I don't think she ever really shipped sterek that much. One of her friends got her to the dark side & then she would post ridic things like she was withholding fic as punishment for us. lol It was all very dramatic & dumb.

Omg I forgot about her dennifer thing! So it really was for a very long time. And yeah I remember her and ob1 going back about dennifer I think? It was the first time when I was like, something in this milk ain’t clean.

The good thing is that I went back and read some of her sterek a few months ago and it was not very good, nowhere near what I thought it was the first time. There’s been so much better.

Okay, so every time I see someone mention the Dennifer/Sterek parallels and everything now after this second half of the season my mind’s been going back to where Jennifer, in 3x9 (The Girl Who Knew Too Much), talks about idioms in the classroom and says the phrase “Seeing the whole board” and Stiles says “Chess…” and Jennifer says “That’s right, Stiles, do you play?”


but I never see anyone bring it up, so does anyone have any thoughts/feeling about it?

I mean on one hand you can say it’s just hinting at the whole Darach ordeal but since Stiles/Chess is a big part of 3B IDK my mind keeps telling me it feels more important dljglfd

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This //otherbully// seems to be living up to her name. I mean, she ships dennifer from what i can see on her blog & i'm sick thats a thing in this fandom tbh. she needs stay the fuck away from derek.

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And now they are targeting random sterek posts and edits, like I don’t think they’ve read a sterek fic in their life. I’ve never seen a fandom more concerned with consent and age, 96% of fic talks about boundaries and waiting for stiles to turn 18 or after they get therapy or it’s porn fic???


Derek doesn’t like to be that guy that needs to define the relationship, but he really needs to define the relationship, because he is so in love with Stiles that it hurts sometimes and Stiles won’t even look at him since that last bout of fantastic sex in the on call room.

The Grey’s Anatomy AU That No One Asked For -7/?

I told margaery-hale I’d try to have this up today ;D (I hope I got this up before your flight bae)

Looking for TW blogs to follow

So I`m basically looking for blogs that reblog/post stuff for the below list of Teen Wolf pairings. If you do, just like or reblog this post and I’ll check out your blog!



























































Also, pretty much all the Teen Wolf poly ships, lol. Thanks for stopping and reading!

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I'm currently rewatching season 3A of TW and it's crazy how much of Stiles is in Jennifer. The way she speaks (the "emotionally unstable" speech in ep 4 i so Stiles-like) and acts and looks (like his older sister, if he had one), she's the female Stiles -- that would be Stiles if he was a woman. I did read metas on how she did that on purpose in order to seduce Derek and on the parallels between Sterek and Dennifer scenes, but only now it struck me how freaking ~obvious~ it is.

It’s absolutely shocking, actually. There’s a great video that plays side-by-side all of Stiles’ interactions with Derek and then Jennifer’s interactions and the parallels are unmistakable.

That’s one of the huge reasons I keep saying that Canon Sterek is really clearly in the writing of the show. Studio politics aside, if you look at just what is on the screen, season 3 (both parts) was one long love song between Stiles and Derek. In season 3A Derek is seduced by the female form of Stiles, while all the while Stiles is being shown again and again that he’s realizing how important Derek is. And 3B is Derek literally running for days without food or sleep doing everything he possibly can to save his anchor. 

Even season 4, the Season of No- Homo, has Stiles rushing to another country to save Derek, and then Derek realizing that he’s losing his powers and pulling away from Stiles to not endanger him. Derek is insanely smart. he knows that he’s dangerous to be around (see: his whole family) and when he has no powers, he’s a liability, so he makes sure he’s not around Stiles. 

Also, remember who Derek’s spending time with- The Sheriff and Parrish. There’s no doubt in my mind that Derek is hearing from those two all about Stiles and Malia. The Sheriff loves everything ‘Normal’ about Stiles, it helps him to ignore the non-normal Supernatural part of Stiles’ life. So the Sheriff is going to be talking about how Stiles and Malia were studying together and how Stiles is helping her with school. He’s going to talk about how he caught them sleeping together (just sleeping) but he didn’t say anything to Stiles, because ‘He remembers what it was like when you’re 17’. 

Now, Derek knows what a shitshow his life is, and he’s also very aware of the differences in their ages. So it’s very easy for me to figure that Derek is going to do everything he can to NOT mess up this ‘normal’ relationship Stiles has with Malia. He wants above all things for Stiles to be happy, and if Malia is making him happy, he’s not going to rock that boat. 

And Malia should be making Stiles very happy- she’s very pretty, she’s sexy, she listens to Stiles, she’s devoted to him; she’s everything he ever wanted. And what could Derek offer? A broken angry man who’s six years older with trust issues. That has to be a no-brainer for Derek. 

Plus Braeden is there, she’s useful, she’s willing, and she’s easy. She’s never going to ask him for too much, and she can protect him when he can’t protect himself. Never forget that Derek has a powerful survival instinct, one that he puts aside for the good of Scott and the pack. And that, more than anything, might just be the tipping point for Stiles- You were willing to give up your life to save my brother? sounds like a love song to me. 

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oh c'mon, you can't ship everyone with everyone. stallison? really? they didn't even have more than 5 scenes (maximum) together, please stop it. oh i know, let's ship isaac with scott's mom. what? he was in her house lots of times. who know what they've been doing? see? it is ridiculous

So, I didn’t really want to answer this, because I try to be 100% wank free, but I feel like I have to because ship shaming is my least favorite thing. 

First, in defense of Stallison, in canon the two are shown to be best friends, not like Allison and Lydia or Scott and Stiles, but still best friends and a strong team. For starters: 

  • In season one, Allison makes sure to invite Stiles to come to parties.
  • He makes sure that she gets a ride home before helping Scott in the pilot. 
  • He checkes on her whenever she could be in danger.
  • Scott, Lydia, Jackson and Stiles are the first and primary friends she makes in Beacon Hills.
  • Her friendship with Stiles is independent of her relationship with Scott.
  •  When Scott and Allison are fighting, she is still talks to Stiles. In fact, he basically smoothes over their relationship multiple times. They talk pretty frequently canonically. 
  • Literally of the Argents, were easily able to identify Stiles.
  • Kate recognized him easily and knew that he and Allison were close friends. 
  • No seriously, all the Argents seem to know Stiles well. 
  • Stiles and Allison are Team Human. They’ve saved everybody’s asses together. Multiple times. 
  • They plot together. 
  • They banter and it is adorable. 
  • Also, 2x05. Enough Said. They really trust each other. 
  • Allison and Stiles have a really trusting relationship. She trusts him to tell her everything, and he trusts her to tell him everything, especially when they had to be quiet about things in Season 2. 
  • They protect each other constantly. 
  • I’m bringing this up again because I think it is important: They talk quite frequently in canon. (Though, her parents do see a spike once she is involved with the supernatural.) In Season 2 and Season 3, after Scott and Allison break up, Stiles and Allison still appear to be close and communicating. 
  • The sacrifice scene when they all look to each other for comfort. 
  • Stiles literally says, ”I guess the only good thing is it looks like I’m dying, too”

And i think that last quote is what really sums it up, okay? Teen Wolf is terrible at showing friendships, it mostly just tells us that they exist, and Stallison is one of the many victims of this sloppy bit of writing. But Stiles and Allison were close, and after Allison dies, Stiles says the only good thing is that maybe he will die too. They are close friends canonically that love each other in a friend way. And that’s great, their friendship was amazing and underrated, but really important to both of them. As the only humans in the group, the two constantly worked together and were kind of each other’s human anchors. AND THAT IS ALL CANON. 

I, personally, think that this canonical chemistry, works as both a friendship and a potential romance. (Their banter is fab) I like them as both and celebrate their great friendship. And just because we don’t see every moment of their friendship doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It clearly does. 

And to go back to your arguments that they onle have five scenes together, that invalidates a good amount of Teen Wolf ships: Derica, Dennifer, Sterica, Scisaac, Stisaac, Allica, and STEREK.

I guess that I’m saying is that Teen Wolf doesn’t really like to develop nonromantic relationships, which means that we, as a fandom, tend to forget that these KIDS are best friends who would die for each other. Stiles and Allison did love each other, as friends, and that is enough for me.