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hello!! I was wondering, what are some good macdennis episodes? I just rewatched man hunters, suburbs, and the break up, and I was looking for some more :0 only if you don't mind, though!!

hello there i once watched every episode of sunny for this express purpose - a lot of these have important macdennis moments but aren’t necessarily MACDEN episodes

season one: gun fever / lots of little moments in all of the episodes but gun fever is the season one macdennis episode 

season two: mac bangs dennis’ mom, hundred dollar baby, charlie goes america over everybody’s ass

season three: the gang gets invincible, the gang gets held hostage (even if only for the i love you line), the gang sells out, the gang dances their asses off  

season four: mac and dennis: manhunters, america’s next top paddy’s billboard contest, mac’s banging the waitress, who pooped the bed, the nightman cometh

season five (the macdennis season to end all seasons): the gang exploits the mortgage crisis, they have a couple of good moments in the gang hits the road, the great recession, the world series defense, paddy’s pub: home of the original kitten mittens, mac and dennis break up, the dennis system

season six: mac fights gay marriage, dennis gets divorced, the gang buys a boat, the gang gets a new member

season seven: frank’s pretty woman, thunder gun express, the high school reunion (both parts) - season seven was pretty sparse with macdennis episodes but they have a lot of small moments      

season eight: the gang recycles their trash, charlie’s mom has cancer, charlie rules the world, the gang dines out, reynolds v reynolds cereal defense (again, small moments but good moments)    

season nine: mac and dennis buy a timeshare, mac day, the gang saves the day (from mac’s perspective anyway), flowers for charlie, the gang makes lethal weapon six

season ten: the gang beats boggs (small moments), charlie work, the gang spies like US, ass kickers united: mac and charlie join a cult

season eleven: mac and dennis move to the suburbs, being frank, the gang goes to hell (both parts) 

season twelve: making dennis reynolds a murderer, hero or hate crime, ptsdee, the gang tends bar, dennis’ double life


Latched: Andy Biersack Imagine: Request

You looked in the mirror and admired your dress as you did you 5th spin in a row. You were happy with what you picked out. Instead of being like every other girl in your school, you decided against the skimpy dress and decided on a classy look and you didn’t regret it at any moment. You smiled, but it faded when you realized you were going alone…


“No Y/N! We are not going to allow you to go with…that thing.” Your mom growled, referring to your boyfriend, Andy. “Why not! I bought my dress and everything!” You yelled. “He’s dirty. We’re from two different worlds. He’s poor and we live in a gated community where girls like you, belong with Jake Miller. He’s a nice boy, isn’t he, Harry?” Your mom told your dad. You’re dad didn’t even flinch. “I love, Andy mother.” You said behind tears. “You don’t know what love is.”


You and Andy have been together for 7 long years and they still wouldn’t accept him. No matter how hard you tried. You met Andy in 6th grade and didn’t think the boyfriend/girlfriend thing was serious, but it was. You were there with him from his long, big haired phase, for his first tattoo, his first piercings, and you were each others’ first everything. But, since Andy was raised in the greatest community, you’re mother didn’t approve. She just thought of it as a silly fling.

“It’s okay, Y/N.” Your best friend reassured you. “Thanks for letting me get ready here” You told her. “Of course. Now, let’s make the best of this night. Oh! and happy birthday!” She said. You hugged her tightly. It wasn’t only prom, but it was your birthday. Yeah, Andy could’ve just met you at prom or snuck to see you, but it was way too risky with your Mom being a chaperone at the prom.

You finally arrived at the hotel the prom was being held at and you went straight to a table. You pulled out your phone and immidiately texted Andy, I Miss You x. You put your phone away and looked across the room to see your mom flirting with one of your teachers. You scoffed and looked back down at your phone and saw no response from Andy. “I wish you were here, Andy…” You whispered to yourself. “But, I am.” You heard that sweet, deep voice in your ear. You turned and saw Andy towering over you. You jumped up and hugged him tightly and buried your face into his shoulder. He released you and began pulling you out the hotel.

He stopped in front of his mustang and held your hands in his. “Y/N, 7 years with you, and many more. It’s your birthday and you’re finally 18. I’ve been waiting for your birthday to give you this.” He said as he pulled out a velvet box. You gasped, “y/N this is yours if you want it. It’s not meant to say we have to get married tomorrow, but that you will eventually in the future. Y/N… run away with me. Get away from this town, your mom, and start something with me.” You were speechless and felt tears in your eyes, “What about my dad?” You asked. Even though your mom was evil, your dad wasn’t as much. He just went with your mother said. “Who do you think said okay?” He smiled.

You smiled and let Andy slip the ring onto your left, ring finger. “Y/N!” You saw your mother run out with your teacher following behind her, your moms bra strap falling off her shoulder. “Get in.” Andy laughed. You ran to the passenger door and quickly got in as Andy did the same and started the car. He turned on the headlights and you saw your mother with smeared lipstick and her dress half off. You were glad you were leaving. “Wait, what about my things?” You asked as you guys pulled onto the highway. “Already here. Everything is.” You looked in the seat behind you and saw all of yours and Andy’s belongings. You smiled and interlocked your fingers with Andy’s. You looked down at his hand in y ours and admired how the passing streetlights illuminated the sight. You couldn’t believe, the rest of your life was going to be with the man, who you thought was a 6th grade fling.

in the gang makes lethal weapon six dennis pitches that he should perform the x-rated sex scene because of how many positions he can do and mac’s just like “he can do them all” and dennis doesn’t even question mac’s comment or react negatively, he just kinda smirks and is like,, yeah,, 

the “potential investor” lady aka bank loan woman definitely thought they were bangin’