Was it wrong to want to see the beast? Abigail was sure her denmates would be deeply concerned with her nightly visits to its resting place. The only light shone softly from the golden head as she approached, carrying a large amount of seafood with her. She was barely a wing’s breath away when the beast stirred.
The golden head of Abysinthe huffed softly and laid its head down in front of her. “Hi hon…” the guardian uttered,quietly reaching out and patting its snout. A sleepy groan emitted from the beast in response. “I can’t stay too long this time, I’m sorry. Fyre’s come down with something.” The gold head made a soft whine like a sad pup. “No, no, it wasn’t your fault, it’s a head cold. Don’t worry about it.” She reached up and hugged against the beast’s cheek, before starting back towards the sleeping den.
A soft voice called back to her as she left, the speech slow and almost slurred.
“Thank…. You…”