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Can you do something with the nordics and their s/o going to a pond and feeding ducks but the ducks attack

Denmark/Simon Densen- He should have seen this coming but he didn’t and oh my God is that a piece of his shirt when did it bite him there help him don’t just la u g h

Finland/Tino Väinämöinen- It would be a shock that the animals would turn on him! Please! Please little fluffy things don’t do that! Here’s all the seeds just stop! At least he has the mind to shield you form the uproar.

Iceland/Emil Steilsson- He will glare those fuckers down, let them try to attack him. Or more importantly let them try to attack you…Really he’s just gonna run when they chase him, try to get it on camera for blackmail. 

Norway/Lukas Bondevik- It’s also unlikely they would attack him rather than just try to pile on him to get the yummy things he brought. Buuut, if it does get out of hand then he just tries to give in and then get you to take pictures while it’s docile.

Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna- The ducks do not attack. The ducks stay calm. They know. They know.

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could I have some bf hcs for Spain and Denmark?

Spain (Antonio Fernandez Carriedo)
- Is super open with his feelings at first. Though he’ll wait a little bit to confess.
- Good morning and goodnight texts that gives you sweet reasons to smile
- If you’re staying over he’ll wake up early to prepare you a good breakfast
- He’s all about semi-romantic dates. He’s not difficult to please, take him anywhere as long as it has some romance involved!
- It’s VERY difficult for him to read the atmosphere (he doesn’t try) so you really have to tell him if something is bothering you. When he realises, though, he’ll apologise to literally no end.
- Cute little gifts. Teddy bears, flowers.
- Whenever you cuddle, GRAB THE BOOTY JUST GRAB IT
- This fucker gets pretty kinky. His favourite thing is pirate play- where he’s the captain and his S/O is his little pet/prisoner
- Short, cute, but romantic kisses
- Very big on PDA. Hell yeah, kiss his cheek and his nose. GRAB THE BOOTY HE ACTUALLY LOVES IT

Denmark (Matthias Køhler)
- Tries to avoid confessing but one day it just slips
- He tries his best to send daily good morning/goodnight texts, he really does. He just gets distracted so easily!
- On the topic of texting, expect to be left on ‘read’ a lot. He doesn’t mean to do it! He just has soooo much stuff roaming in his mind he’ll start to reply but forget.
- He’ll send the text if it didn’t send and apologise so many times (he’s apologising over text every single day)
- Either arcade dates or just pillow fort dates with movies and pizza. Well, those are his favourite, anyhow.
- Cuddling with him to go to sleep is quite hard. He doesn’t like it when they fall asleep; he likes to talk to them!
- Not to mention he probably kicks them off the bed (unintentionally) or falls off the bed with them
- When things get steamy with him, he’s VERY dominant. He’ll (consensually) make you his little petslave.
- Also makes either a great daddy or little. Depends.
- He’s just a precious puppy and needs to he protected

Funny epitheths 1: Danish king Eric Evergood (1060-1103)

Some medieval rulers have funny/weird epitheths like “drunkard”, “slobberer”, “barnlock” etc. So I decided to begin to collect them.

I think Eric is a good starting point. He ruled between 1095-1103 and died while on pilgrimage to Jerusalem. His brother Olof I Hunger would also be a good candidate for this list :-).

At give den en skalle, idiom

Direct translation
To headbutt it

To make an intense effort on working on/completing something

[a ˈgi dn̩ n̩ ˈsgall̩]

”Nu giver vi den lige en skalle, folkens; projektet skal være færdig kl. 15″

“Let’s give it all we’ve got, guys; the project has to be done at 3 pm”