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Noctilucent Clouds at Summer Solstice

Ruslan: “My first capture of NLC this season! Captured at 2:14 local time.

I also made some weather observations: usually people say that NLC appear when there’s absolutely no wind on the ground—this night it was pretty windy, about 8-10 m/s.”

Polar Mesospheric Clouds (also known as noctilucent clouds) are transient, upper atmospheric phenomena observed usually in the summer months at high latitudes (greater than 50 degrees) of both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. They are bright and cloud-like in appearance while in deep twilight. They are illuminated by sunlight when the lower layers of the atmosphere are in the darkness of the Earth’s shadow.

“At 80km above the earth, these are the highest clouds in the atmosphere and are composed of ice crystals. They can be seen in the late spring and summer only when the sun is below the horizon and at latitudes of 50-65 degrees north and south of the equator.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Credit: Ruslan Merzlyakov

Location: Nykøbing Mors, Denmark

Image Date: June 21, 2017

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Countries qualified for the ESC 2017 final

Armenia: 6 armed woman

Australia: kid looking much older, 80% eyebrow

Austria: dreamworks kid, feel old yet?

Azerbaijan: woman singing to a man on a ladder with a horse head

Belarus: cute adventurous people on a boat, making everyone dance

Belgium: awesome studio performance, looking a lil uncomfortable live

Bulgaria: this kiddo is going places

Croatia: personality disorder

Cyprus: probably getting bullied by his background dancers

Denmark: woman in red dress, lots of fireworks

France: gotta make sure everyone knows we’re from france

Germany: titanium

Greece: yaoi shipping

Hungary: man bun but a cool jacket

Israel: wink one more time please

Italy: man who can light up an entire continent with his smile, dancing gorilla

Moldova: a legend has returned

Netherlands: the girl squad

Norway: i think my television broke

Poland: what’s up with all the wedding dresses?

Portugal: precious beautiful baby. Protect at all costs

Romania: pop/rap/yodeling, graphic background design is my passion

Spain: surfer dudes invading eurovision

Sweden: looking hella fine and knows it

UK: lowkey rickrolling all of europe

Ukraine: giant head… ya why not?