im almost at 2k!!!! and i wanted to do this cuz i love everyone sm… if ur on here ur automatically my fave and ilysm….

MY BEST FRIENDS!!!!(everyone in my server!!!! i love u all so much ur so important to me)

@dojutsu(ur not in my server bt ilysm todd..) @poptropicals @softestluv @parthenoi @dipwiki @pfle @cinnarche @blackgaygaara @firejutsu @itachii

my other faves!!!! i lov u all so much i enjoy seeing u on my dash!!!!

@ricehoney @hxh3 @dovah @ghaara @feitan @boyfu @souldew @niintendo @vaporwavesimulator @deceive @softdemon @fegaius @yaxawa @ires @okboy

@opeo @slrrp @ninjamutual @aphobes @kakashi @denliner @leyorio @leotio @galras @favecolor @fauxwoc @enduo @1f12 @204 @partyfur @bignaruto @naruto @dumbasian @gaynaruto @zoroshi @mekakucity @kurapike

@kwehh @thedeadlygrips @lesbianneji @lesbianminato @kibapdf @liondancers @qumi @pyxu @akamaru @rocma @shikamaru @gamerzone @ohsasuke @entergalactic @chocobovillage @xrnoodle

thats it!!! if u arent on here its bc i forgot im rlly sorry!!!! i still love u

yep that’s right! recently i hit 350 followers and im so glad you guys have been with me for as long as you have been! i will now be listing some treasured mutuals, alphabetically.

#-G: @0neokrock @204 @9enj1 @atsuchuu @badluckster @cafay @candykatz @citymetro @denliner @dr2komaeda @drugnurse @dumbasian @edqe @ga1ahad @gamerzone @gansoni @growboro

H-R: @hopekit @icecreamy @iloveyoujpg @ires @jarritos @jeroran @jnxi @jonawagon @juuzousuzuya @klug @koji @kuj6 @kujohat @lisabian @luness @m1llie @mcrmutual @merewiftag @mercurydjinni @metalgear5 @niintendo @papatulus @pekonyama @phantomfists @phyllored @potarafusions @qalleo @quietsleepycat @reepers @rerize @rubysector @ruuya 

S-Z: @scammer @seraphicarte @seroquelsprince @sorryaboutyourmom @sparutoi @sugakis @togaykiss @toxicpex @tyrande @we-dem-juzoboys @westernasian @wolfkrone @xmenblueandgold @yaxawa 

let me know if you want to be added or removed! i surely dont have everyone listed. i love you!

so since its taking 23 years for me to reach 500 followers ive decided to make a premature follow forever to appreciate (almost) all my mutuals 

i didnt include everyone bc i got lazy halfway and only included ppl i know and recognize tho i love everyone with all my heart regardless!

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denliner  asked:

youre so valid i dont have space on my page for spirit i need to keep my dino zord there so people know not to follow me if they want a blogger with self respect

the only two genders are robot dinosaur or ghost furry. anything else is sjw bullshit

denliner  asked:



denliner  asked:


1. First impression: aesthetic and anime blog
2. Truth is: very very funny and kind and oh god you’re gonna get me into Kamen Rider
3. How old do you look: I don’t think I’ve seen you
4. Have you ever made me laugh: YEA AKJSFLKOIW
5. Have you ever made me mad: no way!
6. Best feature: every single one of your Kamen Rider posts is a gift from god, and you’re very sweet and helpful too!
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nope
9. Name in my phone:-
10. Should you post this too? yEAH