Movie Wars Climax Deka

I’m not sure what to think about this movie, or what sort of standards I have for Movie Wars, but here we go.

Den-O was incredibly popular, the Taros still probably are some sort of mark for Heisei Riders, and Toei tried its best to draw the most money out of it, but this is supposed to be a Rider vs Rider movie. Other than Wataru’s little appearance in the middle of the Police DenLiner investigation, and the presence of Fangires as Negataros’ mooks, Kiva is really only present for the last 15 minutes of the movie… *incredibly bothered by such fact*

And I was going to question how the fuck Castle Doran ended up in the flow of time, but Castle Doran has its own time travel shenanigans, so I can excuse that. Besides, ZeroLiner, DenLine and Castle Doran in the same picture looks awesome.

I can finally move onto a new series at ease. Said series being Engine Sentai Go-Onger! Cho Den-O will come only later, I can’t be bothered

do you think ura makes them stop the denliner at different times in history so he can steal famous women’s jewelry and give it to girls like “this was marie antoinette’s brooch… jewelry fit for a queen” or is that too much effort and he just snags random jewelry and pretends it belonged to famous people

Okay, seriously, episode 34 may have had only one screencap, but I’m sorta heartbroken at this whole thing.

GRANTED. It had a happy ending of sorts, but the episode as a whole, man.

I did quit playing the piano, so… It’s sort of special? Seeing the piano man not return may have broken my heart. But then he boards DenLiner! That doesn’t make things nice, but it makes them slightly better. It also answer who are the passengers of DenLiner.

I need the sort of inspiration he was to that guy in my life, though.