Doesn’t it make you sad when people think you’re strong and that nothing can hurt you, that you are not hurting, that you are perfectly fine, but you are not.

I think that’s what the people around Sana realizes or see. They see this strong fierce woman who’s very straightforward. A woman who embraces her religion with all her heart. A woman who will defend her friends and anybody who tries to bring them down. That’s what they all see. They never observed Sana really well. Hell, they don’t even know her at all. I hate that. I hate that they don’t try to dig in and learn about her more. All they can see is what’s infront of them and just that’s it. They don’t even try asking about her life or something that she’s keeping inside her heart.

It makes me sad that people can’t see through Sana. She is an amazing woman and deserves to be happy as well. And every time her smile fades, my heart breaks.


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