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hey Taylor!

i’m Denise (in the photo i am with my boyfriend Federico)

I will never forget this day. june 19 2015. cologne.

This was the first time i saw you and it was like i’ve always dream.

I will never forget that moment when you were right in front of me (in the middle of the catwalk at your left)  and I started jumping while nobody else was and you looked at me and smiled at me and waved at me. right at me. Right. At. Me.

This makes my heart jump everytime I think about it

In the last photo on the left near the border you can see our heart!!

my favorite song was wildest dreams, I confess you that I keep on singing “this night is sparkling don’t you let it go, don’t you let it go” on the way back to the hotel and i feel that night is still here with me.

thankyou for have sung You Are In Love because I love that song and i was there with Federico who did a lot of incredible things for me and we hugged each other the whole song

I came from Italy to see you and there i met many others italian, i didn’t see your mom but i saw Amos and Paul outside your hotel the day after. they were so nice to take photo with us :) and i got a picture even with Giuseppe and Mark.

i can’t wait to see you again and to be seen by you again

thankyou for this magical night, it’s in my heart now


Dried specimen of Fraxinus latifolia, Oregon ash, with mature and immature leaves, twigs, and fruit, a winged samara. Photo: Denise Kelly