At the vet check yesterday:

A groom brings a horse, the stewards / judges check it.
Judge: “Who’s the rider?”
Groom: “Denis Lynch.”
Judges: *Rolling their eyes* “Damn it. Not him again.”
Other riders / grooms: *Also rolling their eyes* “NOT HIM AGAIN”

Everyone was so pissed that he will compete here, the judges told us that they have to be 4 stewards in the warm up ring because of him cause he’s always “doing every thing what’s forbidden”.


So, before I go into the Badminton rabbit hole, some thoughts about the jumping in Versailles :

Pedro Veniss won the Grand Prix with Quabri de l’Isle <33333

It’s only today that I realised how fucking good their partnership is. Even my friend that knows almost nothing about horses noticed it immediatly. Compared to all the other pairs, they looked in perfect synch, their rounds were so clean and smooth and nice looking… no pushing, no pulling, no kicking, just taking it all in their stride. Bloody gorgeous.

In the jump-off, they looked almost slow, because it was all quiet riding and precise trajectories. So happy they took the win over Denis Lynch, even if it’s only for 0.01 of a second, because the difference between Pedro and Denis was… well let’s say it was strikingly different….

During the lap of honor, Pedro looked positively radiant, and I mean I was already a fan of the horse but now I’m a fan of the rider too. Hope to see them plenty win more of Rolex watches.

Above you get to see my lame gifs I made from my phone videos.


My albums selection for the next week …open your ears !

- Manorexia ‎:  The Radiolarian Ooze

- Coil ‎:  Musick To Play In The Dark²

- Front Line Assembly ‎ :  Hard Wired

- Sigillum S ‎:  Bedscanner Philosophy: An Updated Boudoir Mode

- Moon  :  A Second Blue

- V.A. :  Miracle Steps - Music From The Fourth World 1983-2017

- V.A ‎:  Cold Waves Of Color

- Clock DVA ‎:  Thirst

- Father Murphy ‎:  Anyway Your Children Will Deny It

- David Lynch & Alan R. Splet ‎:  Eraserhead Original Soundtrack Recording 


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