At the vet check yesterday:

A groom brings a horse, the stewards / judges check it.
Judge: “Who’s the rider?”
Groom: “Denis Lynch.”
Judges: *Rolling their eyes* “Damn it. Not him again.”
Other riders / grooms: *Also rolling their eyes* “NOT HIM AGAIN”

Everyone was so pissed that he will compete here, the judges told us that they have to be 4 stewards in the warm up ring because of him cause he’s always “doing every thing what’s forbidden”.


So, before I go into the Badminton rabbit hole, some thoughts about the jumping in Versailles :

Pedro Veniss won the Grand Prix with Quabri de l’Isle <33333

It’s only today that I realised how fucking good their partnership is. Even my friend that knows almost nothing about horses noticed it immediatly. Compared to all the other pairs, they looked in perfect synch, their rounds were so clean and smooth and nice looking… no pushing, no pulling, no kicking, just taking it all in their stride. Bloody gorgeous.

In the jump-off, they looked almost slow, because it was all quiet riding and precise trajectories. So happy they took the win over Denis Lynch, even if it’s only for 0.01 of a second, because the difference between Pedro and Denis was… well let’s say it was strikingly different….

During the lap of honor, Pedro looked positively radiant, and I mean I was already a fan of the horse but now I’m a fan of the rider too. Hope to see them plenty win more of Rolex watches.

Above you get to see my lame gifs I made from my phone videos.

anonymous asked:

do you ever think about how the Raven Boys discovered each other's ticklishness because your fic made me think about it and now I'm having feelings -Negligible!Anon

I do now

Words: 490

Ronan had made the discovery first. It was still surprising to think of, even to this day, but he’d obtained the sensitive information so much earlier than the rest had ever come across anything similar, and therefore there was no way of denying it.

Ronan Lynch had found out that one of the Raven Boys was ticklish, and it had very much not been an accident.

He still claimed it was, of course, because he hadn’t meant to reach out and touch Noah like that. It had been a reflex, solid proof that he’d grown up with two brothers that he’d once been very close to. But Noah had recoiled and laughed, and everyone had realized why.

Apparently Noah was one of those people who didn’t mind being tickled, and neither was he embarrassed by his sensitivity, so for a brief while his laughter kept echoing around them whenever Ronan was bored, but it had been short-lived.

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Lynch Bros (plus Adam and Opal) and Moana
  • Matthew and Opal have watched Moana at least 50 times
  • So naturally, Adam, Ronan, and Declan know all of the songs in the movie
  • Declan has a secret crush on Moana (he denies it)
  • So the Lynch brothers + Adam and Opal are driving somewhere and Matthew takes out his phone
  • No one really says anything about it; he could be playing a game, right?
  • But then How Far I’ll Go starts playing really loudly
  • Matthew and Opal immediately start singing along
  • Declan grudgingly gives in and starts singing too
  • But Ronan and Adam are determined not to sing
  • Opal begs them to, but they stubbornly refuse
  • BUT THEN You’re Welcome starts to play (Matthew has a playlist for just Moana songs)
  • Adam really likes this song; he’s memorized all of it
  • Ronan puts a hand over Adam’s mouth to keep him quiet
  • It doesn’t work
  • Adam starts yelling the lyrics, and everyone but Ronan is happy about it
  • “Et tu, Brute?” Ronan says
  • “What can I saaaaay, except You’re Welcome?” Adam sings, much to Ronan’s annoyance
  • It’s a mess

Martin Scorsese, Robert Bresson, Claire Denis, David Lynch, Jean Cocteau, Ingmar Bergman, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Andrei Tarkovsky and more discuss the meaning of cinema.