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You can criticize liberals all you want over their stances on gun control, but conservatives’ and the alt-right’s reaction on this atrocity is even worse because they’re resorting to the dehumanization of Muslims to make themselves look like they care about LGBT people.

Wasn’t just a few months back that the discussion on transgender bathrooms came to the media’s attention? What was the reaction of the latter? Not only did they imply that businesses cannot manage their own bathrooms as they want, they suggested laws should be made for people to use bathrooms of their biological gender, and they even went as far as to suggest that they would physically assault any transgender woman that entered the women’s restroom under the assumption that they’re all men in a drag wanting to sexually assault little girls. Is this not a major LGBT rights violation?

Outside of that topic, they constantly make fun of them. They go as far as to suggest that trans people are mentally ill and in the need of treatment to “fix” them. They bully them by telling them they’re not a real man or a real woman. They’re not concerned in the slightest about the mental health of LGBT people. Look at how most of them admire the Jewish-girl-who-mustn’t-be-named whose only purpose in this site seems to make fun of trans people, as well as trying to make humour out of the worries of black Americans.

When homosexuals demanded their right to marry, the default conservative knee jerk reaction is to say “that’s not for the federal government to decide” which would be fine except they’re not implying that having any state dictate who marries or not is ridiculous, but instead they’re implying is up to the State governments to make that call. They have put and will continue to put the rights of this abstract entity before the rights of human beings because they’re fine with the idea of California being a communist shithole as long as they have their Missouri-like shithole of their own.

Granted that had 9/11 never happened, and Muslims started migrating into Western countries, these people wouldn’t bat an eye about the human rights violations committed against LGBT people in Muslim-majority countries. As a matter of fact, they don’t really do it at all today. All they suggest is that Muslims go back to their countries so that they’re “comfortable” there which easily translates to “I don’t care if the gays are being murdered in Saudi Arabia, as long as the Muslims stay there and not here.” Their constant bringing up of these human rights violations are nothing more but an attempt to create contempt against Muslims, and when Muslims come out and say they’re either LGBT or supportive of LGBT, they’re told they’re not real Muslims lmao

Homosexuals have historically been scorned in the West. Their rights denied, when they were lynched and murdered, their deaths were downplayed and thought to be deserving. There’s a good reason why homosexuals and transgenders lived in secrecy in the West too. Christianity suggest capital punishment for homosexuality as well, and even after the fall of the churches as political players, to think that the post-Enlightenment world simply dropped social perceptions influenced by Christianity is wrong. Just look at what was the response from the great hero of all conservatives and of the Great Old Party, Ronald Reagan, when the AIDS epidemic started and was linked to homosexuals; millennials were being born in that decade. Had the public attention not turned to Muslims, conservatives would be suggesting the same treatment to LGBT people, and many still do today.

Liberals are in the wrong in turning the blind eye on human rights violations in Muslim majority countries, and liberals are in the wrong for suggesting this is a gun problem, but at least liberals recognize the humanity of Muslims who’ve committed no crime. Conservatives and the alt-right don’t recognize the humanity of Muslims, and harshly recognize the humanity of LGBT people merely out of convenience.

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So apparently 72% of likely Trump voters feel the US has changed for the worse since the 1950's while 70% of Hillary voters feel it has changed for the better. Obviously there is a fuck-ton of racism among white liberals and the institutionalized oppression of people of color is alive today but to all the "undecideds" a line has clearly been drawn: one side feels the country was better when people of color were being segregated, lynched, denied education and voting rights and the other does not.

Yeah, that line has been drawn tho.