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sebastian: *brushes against ciel’s arm*

ciel: *blushes*

ciel: *thump thump* w-why is my heart beating so fast?

ciel: *grabs chest* what is t-this feeling..?

ciel: is it lo-….

ciel: *looks at sebastian*


author-artist-lame-buds  asked:

(I gotchu fam, I'm so sorry about what happened. Things will get better) Ok, so the Nordic 5 as a boy band, right? Like those kpop groups, but Scandinavian. Their random would ship SuFin and DenNor and Denamrk would be a dork and joke about the ship just to see Tino and Berwald's embarrassed reactions.

You know, I see them more like boybands like N*sync or Backstreet Boys, lol. (You can tell I’m old, how embarrassing)

I totally see Denmark doing that, hahaha. He would joke around about how close Tino and Berwald are and how sometimes  they like to compose/sing just the two of them.

Maybe later they confirm their relationship! Maybe Sweden wrote a song about Tino and it was so obvious that he couldn’t deny it!


anonymous asked:

May you give us some Reyes headcanons? What he was like before the whole accident, I mean.

• Gabriel Reyes was king of the sparring hall, new trainees dreaded going up against him. There was even a terrible Polaroid of Reyes posing happily next to a tired looking Morrison who had two black eyes and a missing tooth. It was on Morrison’s mini-fridge.

• Used to get really drunk at the Christmas party every year and put his arm around McCree and apologise for being such an asshat and McCree wasn’t really such a bad kid and the cowboy thing wasn’t that lame. He’d deny ever saying it every year.

• Took a lot of his Blackwatch agents under his wing and almost adopted them as his own. Remembered birthdays, and kids names, and always acted as a mentor and a shoulder to cry on occasionally.

Diabolik Lovers ~Limited V Edition~ Ayato After Story Part 2

Guess what guys, this isn’t the end of the after story. There’s still a bit more. I take back my words when i said that I’m splitting it into 2 parts. Even better, the CG hasn’t even appeared at all!! Eitherway, let’s get on to the story. 

As per usual, do check out the google doc which has been updated with the second part, and the first part of this translation is here.

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the fuck did I see on twitter right now!! apparently perrie said in that lame lm book that zayn ‘broke up’ with her via a text message! I don’t know what drama these idiots are gonna start now. Zayn denied this lame narrative in his first interview itself and now here she is perpetuating the bullshit narrative about him!! God this people are literally so nasty, they’re always shitting on zayn!!!

Fic: Not While I’m Around

anon prompted: Kurt gets nightmares after Bash, Blaine soothes him and promises to protect him, fluff and angst. 
~1170 words, PG-13 for violence and a couple homophobic remarks - I didn’t use the canonical dialogue, btw. Ultimately v. happy ending!

All Kurt wanted to do was walk home safely. He just wanted to get back to the loft, where Blaine’s warm arms and their well-worn sheets would eradicate the last of the chill from his bones.

As he huddled closer in his pullover, he heard agonized cries coming from the nearby alley, punctuated with dull thuds and thwacks that could only mean someone was getting beaten up.

Kurt couldn’t just ignore that.

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