GOOD JEANS - models: Myrthe Bolt & Christopher Einla - photography: Ben Weller - styling: Margherita Moro - hair: Chi Wong - makeup: Niamh Quinn - WSJ Magazine April 2017

  • on him: Polo Ralph Lauren jacket, pants, shirt & belt - on her: Prada vest, turtleneck & shorts
  • Isabel Marant top. Dolce & Gabbana jeans
  • on her: Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello top & jeans - on him: Rag & Bone jeans. John Viragos belt. vintage hat (
  • on him: Linder jeans. Raf Simons shirt - on her: Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini jacket, corset & shorts
  • Vetements x Levi’s jacket, jeans & belt. Brunelli Cucinelli shirt. Dsquared2 gloves. vintage hat (Melet Mercantile, NYC)
even more (!) high school reddie headcanons

requested by @80srichie thanks for encouraging my reddie obsession

- Richie is a bad influence on Eddie and has a habit (tradition?) of showing up at Eddie’s window at 11pm on a Monday night, with a megawatt smile and a box of pizza that can’t fit through the window 

- Eddie naturally joins in on the 90′s denim trend and nearly kills Richie when he shows up to school wearing overall shorts with a white sweater underneath (x)

- Richie literally can’t look away or form sentences until the bell rings and Eddie snaps him out of it with a quick peck on his cheek and heads to his class

- Bev sympathetically (or mockingly? Richie’s short-circuiting he can’t tell) pats his back as he calls out to Eddie’s retreating form: “I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave!” which just earns a half-hearted glare being thrown over Eddie’s shoulder

- A week before homecoming, Richie waits for Eddie by his car to drive him home, like every other day, but with all the losers hiding behind his ‘83 Camaro waiting for the signal

- The signal is Stan making a bird call when Eddie emerges from the school’s back double doors

- When Eddie walks into the senior parking lot, all the losers jump out with Ben holding a poorly made sign saying “You take my breath away, homecoming?” with a shitty drawing of an inhaler and Mike holding a boombox playing the Berlin song from Top Gun

- Eddie can’t even pretend to be embarrassed before Richie flourishes a bouquet of flowers from behind his back - then Eddie has to pretend his cheeks aren’t hot and his eyes aren’t watering