Tanawat and I have spent quite a lot of time starting up nawato. It all started last year, I’m not even sure who came up with the idea anymore. We saved our money, booked a trip to Japan and Thailand and started working on inspiration and ideas for pieces. 

We used Hanuman (monkey god in Thai legends) as inspiration to come up with a name for our project. Hanuman is a symbol of strength, perseverance and devotion to many Southeastern countries. We tried to find thai words that meant somewhere along those lines and nawato was a perfect fit. 

So now we are here. Two trips to Thailand, countless hours working on this, the many decisions and arguments we have had, it’s finally become a reality to us. We have started with 1 style shirt/3 different patched elbow details and 1 style pants/3 different colours. Also our natural indigo collection - hand patched tote bags, indigo jewellery with silver beading and levi denim hand patched jeans.  

When you start doing something like this, you get to see the people who are really behind you and want to see you do well. And the people that let you down, try to bring you down and all of that ish. I’m honestly glad that thats how it is. I’m not the type of person to hang around with fake friends or people that don’t encourage you to do your best. 

I hope you all like what we have come up with. Even if you don’t, this is just the beginning. I’m so motivated to achieve great things from now.

I drew her again

I dunno, I drew a more anatomically correct base for my style and wanted to redraw her,. She looks a little more punk, and I didn’t curve her eyes enough so she looks even more punk but this one I prefer. Her mane is a little more chill and she has a neck tie for fashion~

Patch Madams :)

So everyone wants a pair of bright coloured denims. Everyone does. There’s no arguing it. And if you were about to bother arguing it, just look around you and you will notice various bottoms snug (and smug) in bright colours all over the city side.

If you wanna own those denims (like everyone else) and still not look like everyone else (like everyone else) then here’s what you can do!

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DIY Denim Repairs:

The video above, by Nudie Jeans, shows how to fix a hole in your jeans.

This link, by a blogger mom, explains how to restore a color on your fav faded denims:

And finally, this link by Oki-ni and Nick Coe, shows raw denim lovers how to take care of their jeans: