BTS as aesthetic things

Jin: Over-cast skies, peppermint chocolate, the smell of asphalt right after it rains, changing of seasons

Namjoon: Gasoline, fireflies, bonfires with friends, the first frost of winter

Hoseok: Caloused hands, sunlight beaming through leaves, april showers, first flowers of spring

Taehyung: colour gradients, faded denim jeans, blanket just out of the dryer, sunrise

Jungkook: Whispering, childhood crushes, warm milk, shooting stars

Jimin: Sweat drenched hair, over sized sweaters, butterflies in your stomach, cotton candy

Yoongi: Half lidded eyes, the smell of strong coffee, loud bursts of thunder, old timey street lights


DENIM IN DISTRESS - P.O.T.W.. - American Apparel - mount royal

American Apparel - mount royal, L'Oreal - royally yours, O.P.I. - i have a herring problem, Sally Hansen - pacific blue, Sally Hansen - hard to get, Revlon - gold coin, gold nail studs