FN Gothic: You are on chopped. Alex Guarnaschelli is tasting your dish. “Its so…daddy” she says. You gasp. You look down and realize you have a pot belly and are wearing 1996-circa faded denim jeans with loafers. Your hands are calloused and hairy. You can’t see. You put on your glasses. ‘Since when do I need glasses?’ you think. You now clearly see the judges. They all look like you. They are all average BBQ dads with salt and pepper goatees. Ted Allen makes a dad joke. You scream, but the only sound that comes out is a hearty, dad-like chuckle. You realize you are standing in a backyard. Someone asks if you want mustard on your burger. You are crying

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Be My Guest

 Warning: Smut, Language, Older Man/Young Girl Relationship, Unnamed O/C

Summary/Prompt: There’s something about Alfred’s 19 year old daughter. 

Author’s Note: Hope you enjoy! Feel free to send in your requests :)

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I wanted to write a novel about him. I wanted to write about his eyes, the way they were so interesting not because they were bright blue or emerald green, but the way it had something unexplainable that leaves me breathless.
I wanted to write about his laugh, the way his eyes wrinkles and nose crunches. It was so beautiful. I wanted to write about his hands the way it was always so warm, that he never cared to wear gloves even in winter. I wanted to write about the faded blue denim jacket he always wore, how sexy it looked against his skin. I wanted to write about his messy hair and his strong jaw which was shadowed with the stubbles. God, he is so beautiful. I don’t want to stop looking at him.

no offense but what were jensen and misha doing at the season 5 wrap party. why was misha wearing a green plaid tie with a red plaid shirt and a black blazer. why was jensen wearing an ugly white beanie and black sweatshirt. why did they have on faded denim jeans. what the fuck was going on in two thousand ten. was this normal? was /I/ wearing bullshit like th is back in two thousand ten? was evER B YDOY ?/ ?what the f cugk ign fuc k