pfee  asked:

any recommendations for denim overall shorts or skirts?

Minda dungarees

Sugarhill Boutique Delilah Dungarees, Blue




Liquor & Poker Denim Dungaree Playsuit

Denim Dungaree Shorts in Vintage Wash

Washed Denim Jumper Dress

Button-Front Denim Jumper Dress


Monki Denim Pinafore Dress

Washed Denim Jumper Dress

Suspender Denim Skirt

Lace-Up Denim Suspender Skirt

Denim Jumper Dress

Acid Wash Pinafore Dress


:) <3


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Featuring my cat, Archie, and the dungaree dress that I bought on Wednesday and have worn almost non stop since ✨

Trendy Matty, Throwback Matty, Farmer Matty…. Either way, he’s fit as hell, and I’m really digging the look.  Can we bring this back please? Thank you.

[ Credit: These photos are not mine in any way, shape, or form. Some are screenshots, others are random things off of Google or from my camera roll.  If anything is yours, please let me know so I can give credit as deserved! xx ]
Button Bombing Denim by ButtonBombingDenim
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Just a PSA for all my Dizzee Kipling and TGD fans: I sell Dizzee Kipling style jackets on my Etsy shop. 

I am also about to sell Dizzee Kipling style dungarees and denim vests. If you’re interested please please drop me a message, the design on the back does not have to be the design you have, I love working with my customers to give them exactly what they want ! If you’re interested in a jacket or possibly interested in a vest or dungarees, let me know :) 

#105 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “One where the lids are gobsmacked that van is dating a girl like you? (They think ur outta his league)” and “Could u do one where reader is very awkward but is very pretty, and all of guys ( or a select few) are in awe of her beauty but she is oblivious, and then Van beats them all to it and tells her about his actual feelings, that hes not just infatuated with her and shes super awkward about it?”

Note: I would like you to suspend reality for the time it takes you to read this. Let’s pretend the world is good, and that when we fall in love it’s instantaneous and all-consuming. It’s perfect in the truest sense of the word. I get that this fic is unrealistic (lol, like the others aren’t?) but I’m rolling with it. We can live in extremes just for today; just for now. 

The moment you met Van McCann you stopped caring about everything else. The life you had planned for yourself didn’t matter anymore. It was like you had spent your years building a city to live in. Walls to keep you safe. Places to work. To socialise. To eat. To sleep. People you knew. Safety. Structure. Then, Van. He was a tsunami that crashed through and reduced the city to rubble. Rebuilding would be impossible; even the very foundations of your existence were cracked and unusable. All you could do was stand up with the clothes on your back and join in the destruction. Be the cloudy storm swelling high above his wave. The moment you met Van, you fell in love so hard it hurt. 

You had answered an advertisement in the local paper. Female, 22, seeking 20whatever female as housemate. Must have job and like music. You called the number and a week later moved into a new apartment with Emily. You clicked right away, and decided that you’d throw a housewarming. The still unfamiliar space of your apartment filled with people quickly, and you discovered that most of her friends were musicians or associated with the music industry in some capacity. It was 10.01pm when you first saw Van from across the room. 

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