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kylo: master skywalker,,,we meet again

luke: mm yes it would appear that would be the case

kylo: any last words

luke as a single tear rolls down his cheek: yes…..ben……….listen

kylo: come to beg for your life ?

luke: no….i just cant believe my life was threatened by someone unironically wearing a top coat hood and scarf made of Custom Milled Basket Weave Cotten With Coating with a Neck Seal Made Of Faux Leather with Velcro Closure and a shirt with An Off Center Zipper With Pleated Sleeves And Pants Made Of Coated Black Denim With Faux Leather Tipped Suspenders

kylo: ….b,ut i picked all th,ese out mysel f

luke: yes and it shows with the forever 21 sticker you still have attached to your cape


Grab your 90’s denim jackets and give them a new life with this quick tutorial. You do need some knowledge on sewing, but it’s not too hard of a fix.
Find yourself a denim jacket and gray hoodie (black and olive green would look nice as well) from your local thrift store.
Cut the sleeves off of the denim jacket. It’s okay if they’re a little messy, it gives it an edgy look. If it bothers you, pull on the edges to get them to curl a little. Since the fabric is usually much ticker, they won’t curl in as much.
Grab your hoodie and cut off the sleeves, leaving extra room for what’s going to be sewn under the denim. Cut off the hood, again giving extra room for the part you’re going to sew.
Now you just sew them on the denim jacket and you’re done.


Denim for All: 6 Styles to Take You into Spring

Make denim your own by styling a favorite pair of jeans with a killer jean jacket. Try out the denim look-a-like fabric, chambray, which is lighter and softer in all sorts of accessories and lived-in looks. The best part about wearing denim? When you find something that’s so comfortable you can sleep in it. 

1) Topman Denim Jacket with Detachable Hood

2) Cheap Monday Four Blue Denim (ON SALE!)

3) Diesel Black & Blue Coated Denim Chantayer Baseball Cap

4) Vince Chambray Shirt

5) The Hillside and J. Crew Japanese Selvedge Chambray Tie

6) Nudie Jeans Perry Organic Washed-Denim Jacket

To search for fashion head over to where you can check out what’s available across over 100 stores all in one place. Woot!

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Cameron Dallas - First Impressions

First time with Cameron, smut with gifs. This is romanticized, it’s not really like this your first time. Inbox me ideas, comments and suggestions are always appreciated. (: 

Cameron Dallas - First Impressions

It was late at night and I was at Cameron’s in his arms. His back was firmly planted against his head board with me in between his legs. My back to his chest and his arms wrapped around my midsection. I was trying to focus on the gleaming television but Cameron was delicately stroking his fingers on the side of my arm. It was a pleasant distraction. I certainly didn’t mind. I pressed myself into him as his arms tightened around me. I combed my hair to the side and tilted my head exposing my bare neck. I felt his warm breath against my skin. He pressed his lips to the crook of my neck and gently used his tongue to draw circles. I inhaled sharply and let out a soft and quiet moan. I could feel him grinning. 

“I’m ready” I said anxiously. Cam went about kissing me without missing a beat.  “Ready for what” he asked cluelessly.  “You know what, Cam” I sighed.  “We can if you want to” he offered.  “I want to. I definitely want to” I said confidently.  “And you’re ready” he asked. “I just wanna be sure.” “I’m ready, I swear” I said.  “Oh I’ll have you swearing all night” he said with a smirk. “I promise.” I was still between his legs when his arms were no longer wrapped around me comfortably, but rather, his hands finding their way down to my buttoned white denim shorts. His finger tips lightly tickled my soft skin above my shorts. He unbuttoned them with ease. My legs jerked close together. He pushed my legs apart and held down my thigh on his bed. His other hand slipped into my panties. He wasted no time getting to work. His fingers were cold against my warm skin. He sent a shiver throughout my lower half. He ran his palm over the entirety of my heat. I was warming up to his touch. His index finger traced along my wet slit over and over. He pressed two fingers against my clit and rhythmically moved his fingers in circles. My eyes rolled back into my head with the euphoric feeling he was giving me. 

“I can’t believe how wet you are for me” he whispered seductively in my ear. He slipped a single finger inside of me. I warmed up to his touch quickly. I bit my lip and moaned for more. I could feel Cameron’s heart beating faster against my clothed back. He slowly pushed another finger into me further. I arched my back against his warm body. I felt his hot breath wash over my shoulder. I began to move my hips against his groin in slow circles. He became stiffer by the second. His teeth grazed against the skin of my shoulder. He sank his teeth in. I released a quiet moan. I wanted nothing but Cameron. I wanted him in the worst way and I could feel he wanted me too. The way he touched me, the way he kissed me, the way he made my heart beat a little faster, the way he made my stomach flutter, he was the one I wanted to share my first time with. He removed his hand from my panties and hooked his fingers into my shorts and pushed them down. I lifted myself from his bed and watched them glide down my legs, panties and all. His hands delicately touched my sides and gathered the fabric of my shirt in his fists. I raised my arms above my head and he helped me to remove my shirt. I felt bare and free against his body. The only thing I was wearing was a pair of earrings Cameron had bought for me when we first started dating. I carefully twisted myself around. I was on my knees in front of him, naked, with his hands gripping my waist. He looked up at me with an eager look in his eyes. I looked down at him with the same eagerness in my eyes. I pressed the palms of my hands against his torso and pushed him onto his back in a sea of plush pillows. I straddled his hips, tightening my legs against him. Slowly rocking my hips back and forth, I felt his hardness pulsing beneath me. He roamed his hands along the length of my body. His fingers grazed my skin and left behind goosebumps. I felt electric when he touched me in any kind of way. I ached for more of him. My hands wrapped around his wrists and I pinned his arms above his head. He grinned at me and laced his fingers behind his head and glued his eyes to me. I leaned down to his right ear and pressed my warm lips against him.

“Do you want me” I asked seductively. He nodded in response. “What do you want me to do to you” I whispered. 

“I want you to let me touch you in places you’ve never been touched before. I want to make you feel the best you’ve ever felt” he said looking straight into my eyes. I leaned back and concentrated on his pants button and unzipped his denim. He lifted himself and pushed his pants down to his ankles as I hastily took them off and let the material fall to the floor of his dimly lit bedroom. I sat on my legs between him. I ran my hand over his member back and forth and gave him a soft squeeze. My eyes flickered to his face with an anxious expression. His lips were between his teeth. I was starting to think he wanted this more than I did. I was confident-or at least I thought I was. He could probably see my heart beating out of my chest. He could probably feel how nervous I was when he touched me and when I looked at him. The mood suddenly changed and Cameron’s expression softened.  “You okay” he asked with concern.  I nodded my head slowly. I knew I was ready. I knew he was ready, too. “I’m okay. I’m just nervous, and anxious” I trailed off.  “In a good way” He asked with furrowed brows.  “In the best way” I replied with reassurance.  “I’ll be gentle, I promise baby. I don’t want to hurt you” he muttered.  “You won’t hurt me Cameron” I said.  And all at once his hands were tangled in my hair and my eyes were closed and I was melting away into his body. I wanted him to kiss me. Everywhere and anywhere. I wanted his tongue to trace over every crevasse he could, and his plump lips pressed against my curves. I wanted to leave scratches down his back. I wanted cameron to leave marks. I wanted to experience him without either of us holding back emotionally or physically. The way I wanted him was incredible. 

His touch was strong and gentle all at the same time. He was teaching me the art of sex, and intimacy. I straddled his muscular body again, grinding my hips into his. My chest pressed firmly against his. Cameron’s hands gripped my back and held me closer. He couldn’t get enough already. His lips attached to my neck. It was sloppy and passionate. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I felt his finger nails press into my skin, leaving little white crescents in their place. His mouth left a wet path down my neck as he kissed across my collar bones. His teeth grazed my increasingly hot skin. He smeared kisses across my chest. Each kiss morphed beautifully into the next. It flowed. I tossed my head back to give him as much bare skin as I could. I closed my eyes and felt his warm breath near my nipple. Oh god, please kiss me there. And he did. The tip of his tongue encircled my left nipple as his hands supported my arched back. He was breathing heavily, inhaling my scent with each deep breath. His mouth completely attached to my breast as his lips pressed firmly against my sensitive skin. I let out a moan and my eyes rolled back into my head. I was seeing stars and feeling electricity throughout every cell of my being. My body was going into overdrive for him. I pressed my sweaty forehead against his and brushed our noses together. I glanced down at my wetness I left on the outside of his briefs. 

“I just want you so bad, Cameron” I whispered into the space between us. He gently kissed my lips. Delicately and with love. He held me close and quickly flipped us over. I relaxed into the sheets of his bed. Cameron hovered over me in between my legs. He held himself up with his arms fully extended. He looked down at me and smiled. He suddenly seemed distracted and leaned over to his nightstand. He pulled out a shiny wrapper. He stuck the package in his mouth and tore the strip off the top. He pulled the condom out and relaxed on his knees in front of me. He placed it over his tip and quickly rolled it on while looking at me lustfully. He had hungry eyes.  “Are you ready” he asked nervously.  “Yeah, I am” I assured him once more. Cameron aligned himself with my entrance. I braced myself for the worst and then I felt a light pressure against my clit. He rubbed and teased me with his tip. I cringed at the touch, not knowing what was coming. I was pleasantly surprised. I let out a restrained breath.

“Just try to relax baby” he cooed.  “I’m trying I’m just so nervous” I whined.   ”I know you are. But you’re with me, and I’m going to be gentle with you because I love you. So, baby, I need you to take a deep breath, and just close your eyes for me, okay?” he asked me.  “Okay” I said softly. I closed my eyes and focused on the way Cameron smelled, the way his skin felt against my own. I soaked him in with all my senses to calm my nerves. I felt his warm breath on my neck. He placed little kisses along my neck until he felt me relax beneath him. I let my hands aimlessly rest on his hips. He reached down between us and slowly pushed himself in, hesitantly. My face scrunched up as I felt the dull pain take over my lower half. My mouth opened to let out a yelp but nothing came out. I bit my lip, trying to keep quiet. “Fuck, stop, it hurts” I whined. He stopped moving into me and looked at me with empathetic eyes. “Okay, okay. It’s okay. Just take a minute to adjust, it’s okay baby” he said. He connected his hand to my cheek and rubbed his thumb, waiting for the go-ahead. The pain was dull and short-lived. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought. I suppose it had been hyped up by every one who had already experienced this. I gave him the nod of approval and I opened my legs further for him. He pushed in all the way. It still hurt, but the pain was turning into a sweet sensation. Cameron slowly started to thrust and I began to get more comfortable. 

“Oh my god. You’re so tight. You feel so good, you have no idea” he grunted in between breaths. He collapsed onto my chest and his right hand grasped my skinny hip. His grasp was tight and firm. I wrapped my arms around him and closed my eyes. The pain was gone and all I could feel was ecstasy with him inside of me.  “Cameron!” I moaned into the room.  “Say my name again” he urged.  “Cameron! Fuck, it feels so good” I exhaled. “Am I even doing this right” I asked. He chuckled.  “You’re doing perfect, just relax” he said softly. He kissed my jawline. Starting from the outside of my ear down to my chin, like he was playing connect the dots. He continued thrusting into me rhythmically. His hand that held me disappeared beneath the sheets. "What are you doing" I asked curiously. “Oh, oh my- fuck” I gasped. He smiled at me with confidence as his fingers rubbed my clit in circles over and over again. I was shaking beneath him. Every motion Cameron made brought me one step closer to my body going off the edge. I wanted it so bad, more than ever. "Are you ready to come for me baby" he asked with his raspy voice. I put my hand over my mouth to cover my whining. His other hand removed mine from my mouth and held my wrists above my head. “I want to hear you” he said. He increased the pace of his hand rubbing me and the speed of his thrusts quickened. He refused to break eye contact with me. He wanted to watch every pleasurable expression cover my face. He wanted to concentrate on every small movement I made as I came undone underneath of him. His brown eyes were darkened with lust. His mouth hung open, he let out a load moan and grunt as I felt my climax take over my entire body. I grabbed at any part of his skin I could. Grasping for something. I dug my nails into his biceps. His thrusts slowed, reluctantly. Cameron removed his fingers from my wet center. He put his fingers in his mouth and sucked them. I didn’t say anything but it was so sexy. “You always taste so good” he smirked. He tossed the covers back and traveled down my body leaving kisses wherever he could. His hands roamed and hugged every curve. My legs opened for him once more as I felt his mouth connect with my aching heat. His tongue flicked over my clit. My hips surged towards him. I was so sensitive, and I couldn’t take it. My fingers tangled into his brown tufts of hair. My back arched off his bed. “Stop, I can’t take it, I can’t” I giggled and pushed him away. He came back up, face to face, and kissed me. He lingered on my lips for a few seconds and then relaxed onto his back. I quickly got on top of him and straddled his waist. He smiled at me and laced each hands fingers with my own. 

“Was it good” he asked. He knew it was good. He knew he was good. He didn’t need to ask, he just wanted to hear me say it.  “I thought ‘first times’ weren’t supposed to be good” I teased.  “So it was good” he replied.  "It was great” I assured him.  “Did I hurt you” he asked worriedly.  “At first, but then it felt so good. I never wanted you to stop” I laughed.  “We can go again if you want” he said wiggling his eyebrows.  “Maybe I’ll take you up on that” I smiled. I rolled off of him and stood on his floor completely bare. He rested on his side and propped himself up on his elbow. He watched me intently.  “What” I asked.  “Nothing just stay like that, forever” he remarked.  “Just stay naked forever” I questioned. He nodded his head and laughed. I turned on my heels and walked over to his bathroom and flicked the switches on. I looked over my shoulder and saw him crawling out of bed. He dragged his feet across the floor and met me in the bathroom and kicked the door shut. First impressions really were everything. 

Hi guys!!!
How is everyone’s week so far? Its tuesday already and i know we just cant wait for friday to get here. But overall i wish u all a great week.
Today’s post is my second attempt at the denim on denim trend. How did i do?ツ
I paired my all time favorite American apparel Highwaisted jeans (Best highwaisted jeans in the whole wide world) with a denim shirt. You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans and a shirt. (Fashion Tip). Denims are neutrals that can pass for either daytime or night time looks. Always remember to accessorize for a more funky and dressed up ensemble. ツ
Thanx for tuning in ♥

Shirt: zara

Jeans: American apparel

Shoes: Gianni Versace

Bag: Zara

Styling Denim and Leather Jackets

  As the cold weather starts to come around for some of us it’s a perfect time to bring out those lightweight fall essentials: the Denim and Leather jackets. Their basic colouring matches with almost every outfit and can immediately make a look more casual or even fancy. Here are a few things you can add with your jacket if you need some quick inspiration in the morning!

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