denim studded vest


New diy project. Having trouble deciding what to do with it though. It took some experimenting with different dyes to get the vest to these colors (it started out as a bright red), but I love how it turned out and I kinda don’t want to cover it all up in patches and stuff because I like it clean so that the colors show. But I also don’t want it to be too clean. And I’m not sure what I feel about the back… Fuck, I’m not sure how I feel about anything. Except the colors.


18.01.2016 - oil on canvas

first time wearing my new diy vest - didnt get to make a decent photo of my backpatch but at least my magic double eyeliner worked out good today ^^

if you guys have an idea for what to add on my vest pls let me now! <3


so here they are!

denim jacket: Kenneth’s “replacement”. took a lot of stuff from the old one, like for example the backpatch (the text is swedish and means “Nothing’s waiting for us, so what are you waiting for?”)
I’ve recently taken some stuff off of it, so thats why it’s so empty in some places. still trying to figure out what to fill in the blank spaces with..
I think 14 or so of the patches were bought at rebellion last year, or were “recycled” from old clothes. everything else is DIY.

fake leather jacket: done some slight changes but all in all it looks the same. everything is DIY.

fake leather vest: everything is DIY except for the rancid patch, biohazard patch and the swedish police’s do not cross-tape thingy.
(‘korv’ is, for those of you who hasnt picked it up off of my blog yet, the swedish word for sausage, and it’s also my favourite word and my nickname)