denim shirts make me so happy

Larry at iheartradio festival

So let’s talk about this weekend because the Larents have been extra as fuck.

Lairport 3.0?

Okay so no, there wasn’t another ‘Lairport’ incident, but we did however get this post from BEFORE Harry’s performance,

This photo was taken on the 22nd, meaning Louis was in Vegas on the 22nd ready to support Harry. The ‘#larryisreal” is also interesting because I want to know what made him write that? Most of my logic is telling me that he only used it to bring loads of excited fangirls to his page so he could get more likes and publicity. This makes a lot of sense, however if you look through his posts you’ll notice he doesn’t use ‘clickbait’ per say (suggestive hashtags) very often, if at all. He’s met a lot of celebrities and I haven’t found a post where he uses suggestive tags before this one. Also, using Larry for likes and comments is disgusting if you ask me, and obviously I don’t know what this guy is like, but he seemed to really respect Louis. 

Encouraging ‘hated’ rumours about a guy you really respect seems counter intuitive to me. 

Speaking of being a supportive husband these two videos came out.

This one you can hear someone who sounds an awful lot like Louis saying “you’re welcome”

And in this one Louis voice is saying “yeah I know”. People also picked up on the fact that this must’ve been filmed from a VIP box considering the lack of screams, making the possibility of it being Louis even more likely. 

Finally, this video came out, which killed me. I KNOW it’s reaching, but it made my Larrie heart warm

Extra™ Outfits 


So Harry’s outfit was extra from the offset. With his rope patterned suit and his shirt covered in roses.

Can we also point out how Harry has had his neck covered since his first show (where his chest was pretty much on full display). Louis what did you do to him ;)




So moving on from that, his outfits also seemed to be sending a message. 

Idk if I’m reaching, but that, combined with his new style, his ANKLES, the fact that he’s clean shaven and is GLOWING with happiness -

( X )

( X )

( X Look at his fond face when he gets called Harry)

- make me feel like something good is coming. Also, all this has coincincided with Eleanor getting a job (woah calm down a job! Ikr) at a modelling agency. So I don’t wanna get my hopes up, but maybe Elounor 2.0 is coming to an end? 

Random shit

So the last thing I wanted to talk about was this

I literally don’t know what to say about this, apart from ‘how the fuck were they allowed to word it like that?’ 

Basically my Larrie ass was on fire this weekend and I feel like something big (but good) is coming. But I also don’t wanna get my hopes up so I’ll try and chill.

Also, look at the husbands 

That’s all for now. I might start doing weekly update posts like this (if I have time) and I’ll leave you with the purest friendship in the world. Adios bitches, Larry is real ✌💙💚

mythicaliz  asked:


  • Barbara: what’s your favorite outfit?

Right now I’m really digging the shorts + black tights + boots + Rhett’s denim cactus shirt look! I don’t think it’s that flattering on me, but the shirt is so soft, and I feel like I’m secretly carrying a part of fandom around with me all day, which makes me happy especially when it’s a stressful 12+ hour work/school day!! Plus I like it because I can keep my pens in my front pocket.