denim production

Indigo Blue is at the center of this traditional Japanese Denim Brand founded by Ken-ichi Iwaya in 1997, in Kurashiki-city Okayama, Japan. Pure Blue Japan is the domestic trademark in Japan, while Syoaiya is the overseas trademark outside of Japan. Despite the trade name difference, all items are similarly put through a fully controlled manufacturing process in the same factory. Everything from the material, sawing, button kinds of parts, name tags, and to price tags are made and sold in the same manner. Pure Blue Japan tries to make something special out of every single one of their blue products. Their denims are of outstanding quality and the knowledge they the company has gathered over time is visible in the details off their raw jeans. Pure Blue Japan - Syoaiya like to stress the original indigo color made in fully controlled rope dyeing facility in Japan, unique touch and feel, and excellent sewing technique.

  • jessica: *is out networking, attending fashion events on a global scale, promoting her brand through attending such events, building a market and name for herself in an industry she is now a part of*
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