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hurtful words (pt. 4)

summary; as Y/N gets to her last straw and begins to lose hope, she also is faced with choosing to let go of Shawn or to fight for their once relationship one last time.

p.s. i highly recommend reading the previous parts, particularly part three, before reading this! i promise you this part will be so much better for you if you do that ahha



The pain was beginning to overcome you, and you felt like you were drowning. Suffocating. You didn’t think there could be any feeling worse than heartbreak, but here you were again —  back in square one. All of the pain was still there, though this time, you weren’t just holding a heart torn in two. You now had the note Shawn wrote for you, thoughts of guilt, and the voucher laying on the edge of your bed. The walls you built around your heart had become so high, that when they were knocked down by the letter and finding out that you were too late, you took the hardest fall yet.

Part of you wanted to redeem the voucher and go to the show that Shawn was having in your hometown in four weeks, but the other part was telling you that the universe was working against you and that you should just give up on the boy. You were unsure of which side of your conscience to listen to, but you knew that you had to choose quick. You were done and tired with everything. Tired of crying yourself to sleep every night, tired of blaming yourself, tired of running in circles, and exhausted of your heart getting smashed to millions of pieces every time you tried to pick up the segments to your messy life. Heartbreak changed you, but for the worse. It felt like everything in your life was flipped upside down, but one thing remained the same: you wanted Shawn back.

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your man

jonathan byers x reader

word count1042

warnings: alcohol-use, based by the down with webster song !!

a/n: aksdahs hi if you read this and have something specific, i’m taking request for the stranger things characters !!

Parties weren’t exactly your forte, but somehow here you were. The music was too loud, there were too many people, and you had lost your best friend about an hour ago. Being alone wasn’t exactly the most ideal thing, but with no other choice you had chosen a nice corner to stay in until you could find her again.

Jonathan wasn’t ever seen at a party, so this was a life changing moment for him. He had awkwardly shuffled his way through the crowd a few times, taking occasional sips from the cup in his hand. What was he even doing here? Trying to be a normal teenager was proving to be a little too difficult while sober, so he downed what was left in the cup before making another round through people.

He was on what might have been his fifth– or maybe his sixth trip back to the bowl when he spotted you in the living room corner. Your eyes met for a second, and you could’ve sworn he smiled at you, but maybe your eyes were playing tricks. He was super drunk, maybe it was just in that haze. You brought your eyes back up to the bowl and he was gone. Eyes scan the party goers, trying to find where he had disappeared to in the split second.

“Hey, (Y/N) right?”

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anonymous asked:

whaddup can I have a jhope FUCKBOI au w number 31 pls and thank u sugartits

idk why you went on anon mate i know it’s you @freehoseoksdick hope you like it lad and stop calling me sugartits 

31. “I’m trying to flirt with you.” 


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Power Play (Trixya x Alaska)- Squeaky Stella
External image

Ex-school girl Trixie finds herself a pawn between two powerful queens.

(AN: We’re addicted to one shots, but there might be a couple more shots fired in this fic than that. Dark!Alaska VS Badass!Katya. 10k. READ ALL TAGS)

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Car Accident

Note: yay, I hope you like this! I know it’s short and I hope that’s okay! thanks for the request! feedback is welcome .c

Request: Hi, um, can you maybe write a fluffy story about the reader who gets into a not serious car accident, like she doesn’t have to go to the hospital. But the car is totaled, and they call Bucky in a panic and he calms her down and it’s just really fluffy and cute and that would be great you’re great. - @ofmiceandmusicsworld

Originally posted by friendzoned-by-avengers

So maybe not trusting your gut instinct to take the shorter way to the tower wasn’t the best idea. But since when do you ever have a good idea? You wanted to see more of the city, so taking the longer way gave you that spark of adventure. Now, anyone who knows how to drive should know not to use their cellphone.

You followed that rule strictly, but it seems that some people don’t. 

You were cruising down the almost empty road, making sure you only took quick glances at the scenery around you. Your fingers were lightly tapping against the wheel along to the song on your radio. A small smile was plastered on your face and you couldn’t feel calmer than you were right now.

That is until you saw a blue car driving down the opposite side of the road, halfway into your lane. You gasped and tried to swerve to the curb, but they sped up just a tad. A scream fell from your lips when you couldn’t move out of the way in time. 

“NO NO! What the hell are you doing!” You yelled, coming to stop just to have the blue car crash into the front of yours. “FUCK!” You screamed, your body jerking forward and the airbag blowing out to shield your face from smacking into your wheel.

After the airbag deflated, you sat in your seat, watching your car and the other blowing smoke from the hoods. Your heart was racing and your hands started trembling. “Oh my God.” You squealed, leaning up closer to see the damage through your windshield. “Holy shit!” You spat, shakily unbuckling your seat belt and opening your door.

You watched a girl get out of her car and gasp as she looked at the two cars. “I’m so sorry! I wasn’t paying attention!” She yelled as she saw you coming around to the front. Tears filled your eyes and you ignored the girls apology and poor excuse. “Call 911! This is your fault, you can explain!” You yelled, feeling your knees grow weak.

Grabbing your phone from your front denim jacket pocket, you speed dialed Bucky’s number. Your emotions and adrenaline were going crazy; even the realization that the accident could’ve been worse was all too real for you and you couldn’t hold it together. 

“Y/N, hey!” Bucky answered on the second ring. “B-Bucky!” You sobbed, turning to look at the cars again. Bucky was alert now, listening to you. “Y/N, what happened!? Are you okay?’ He asked, his breathing almost matching yours. “I-I- some IDIOT crashed into me! My car-it’s-” You rambled out, your breaths coming out heavy and deep. 

“Doll, I need you to calm down. Are you hurt? Where are you? Never mind, don’t answer. I have your location tracked on my phone. Stay there.” Bucky rushed, the sound of his car starting in the background.

You let out a sob and held your forehead, feeling a little lightheaded. “I’m fine, I just-I’m scared.” You choked, sighing heavily. You looked at the other girl and she looked just as shaken up as you. “Y/N, I can hear you breathing. You need to calm down, can you do that for me?” Bucky asked gently.

Nodding your head, you tried to control your breathing. “That’s it,” Bucky encouraged you, “Y/N, I promise you’re okay.” Bucky soothed you as you continued breathing in and out slowly. 

You heard sirens approaching and your heart started racing again. “Bu-Bucky, I have to handle this. I’m okay, just please hurry.” You whimpered, holding your hand to your chest. You could feel your heart hammering against your chest. 

After hanging up with Bucky, you saw an officer come over to you, his hands on his belt. “Ma'am, oh my-you’re from the Avengers!” He yelled, pointing at you. In any other situation, you would’ve smiled. But this was unprofessional. “Sorry, ma'am, I-I need to get some information from you.” He said, clearing his throat.

Twenty very slow minutes passed and you were softly crying again. Because of that girls dumb choices and pea-sized brain, your poor baby, your dream car, your well taken care of and not at all fitting to your expensive living compound car, your beautiful bright and shiny yellow Volkswagen Beetle, was being totaled. All because that little bitch couldn’t keep her hands off of her damn phone.

You were a breathless, hysteric mess again. Your heart was racing and you couldn’t even remember crashing now that you think about it. Your eyes were watery and your hands were trembling. The frantic looking girl ran over to you and gasped. “I am so sorry! Really, I am!” She said, her own breath short and labored.

“It’s alright, just please.” You held your hand up to her and shook your head, needing some more time to register everything. Bucky’s car came to a stop and he took a moment to look at the mess, his heart sinking as he looked at your distressed figure. Hearing a door shutting, you turned to see Bucky and gasped, immediately running towards him. 

The road was blocked off, so you met him halfway. Bucky’s arms embraced you tightly, his metal hand cradling your head. “Are you okay?” He asked as he pulled you away to check for any injuries. 

Bucky’s eyes were on yours again and you nodded gently. “I-I’m fine. The officer said she was texting and driving.” You said, rolling your eyes. Bucky looked over at the girl and his lips pressed together, his jaw clenched. “People are fucking reckless these days.” Bucky spat, his metal hand wrapping around your waist.

You sighed and shrugged your shoulders. “I can’t believe it totaled your car, Doll. But I’m so happy you’re not hurt.” Bucky said sadly, looking down at you. His hands moved to hold your face, his thumbs wiping away your tears. “I know, me too.” You whispered softly.

You sighed, leaning into Bucky. His arms held you close. “Let’s get you home.” Bucky said, kissing the top of your head. Your turned around and watched a car pick up the girl and the truck had left with the both of your cars on the back of it.

Another sigh fell from your lips and Bucky helped you into the passenger seat of his car. He got in his side and pulled away, taking you to the tower. You were still shaken up and you wanted to cuddle and watch movies. You’d have to worry about your car later.

Bucky held you close, you were in his lap and his hands were caressing your back and exposed leg. “I’m so glad you’re okay.” He whispered against your head. You turned to look at him, the movie becoming background noise as you watched Bucky’s eyes. You gave him a small smile. “I just hate that my car is messed up.” You frowned, a sigh falling from your lips.

A chuckle escaped Bucky and he shook his head. “I swear, you love that car more than you love me!” Bucky said with a smile, moving a strand of your hair behind your ear. “That’s not true!” You whined, hiding your face in Bucky’s neck. He chuckled again. “Definitely not as much as I love you.” You whispered, planting a small kiss on his pulse point.

Bucky smiled and pulled you away from him, leaning in to press his lips to yours. Your eyes fluttered closed, your hand reaching up to cup Bucky’s cheek. He pulled away with a smile and you giggled softly. 

A few minutes passed and you sighed again, mindlessly playing with Bucky’s metal fingers. “Remember all the good times we had in my car?” You asked, watching Bucky roll his eyes. “Doll, we’re getting it back soon. Stop talking about it and kiss me some more.” Bucky chuckled, tackling you onto the couch, your back on the cushions.

You laughed and held him close, letting him hover above you. “Okay, okay. Come here, you.” You smiled, pulling him down by the collar of his shirt, pressing your lips to his.

Note: I’m sorry if this sucks, omg. I hope you like it, sweetie! .c

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Ride With Me (Part 4)

PAIRING: readerxbucky au


WARNINGS: swearing. 

*Things get tense when (Y/N) meets three members of the Red Skull*

So, considering that two of these characters have yet to made an appearance in the MCU. I am taking slight artistic licence as to what I think they looked like for this AU. Shout out to @assembletheimagines​ for helping me try and pick a face for Hela thanks boo x (I know that Cate Blanchett is going to portray her in Thor 3 but I kinda leaned towards the comic version of her for this AU)  

Part 3


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“Come on you piece of shit work” you growled dangerously. You sat perched at the bar, a new lukewarm cup of tea sat beside to you barely touched as you glared viciously at the laptop screen. You had been risking your life in that motel room for long enough and it was high time to find a place of your own. Or someone to share it with at least.

“Don’t you look like a ray of sunshine this morning” you resisted the urge to glare at the three arrivals.

“Careful Sam, she’d been yelling at that thing all morning” Wanda teased as she stood behind the bar drying pint glasses.

“Roommate search? Looking for a new place?” Natasha asked peering over your shoulder reading the website open on the laptop.

“Living out of my suitcase is getting a little old” you mumble into your mug, you winced after swallowing. The cool temperature didn’t sit well with you.  

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Luminescence: Chapter 1


Summary:  Dan never expected Phil to seriously notice him. Sure, maybe he’d glance at his sign and laugh, but not even in his wildest dreams did he imagine actually getting called up onstage to do the one thing he’d dreamed of for years. But what happens when a simple kiss unexpectedly turns into something more?

Formerly titled “One for the Books”

Word Count (for this chapter): 3.1k

Genre: Fluffy smut

Extra tags: Musician AU, concerts, first kiss, getting together, first time

Warnings (for this chapter): Smut (but nothing explicit), swearing

Read on ao3

A/N: Based on a prompt from phanfic:

basically, dan is a total fangirl of phil, who’s a musician. phil does this thing, like halsey does, where he’ll be people’s first kiss at concerts. dan goes to his concert and phil notices dan, they kiss but it turns out to be a total make out session. you decide what happens next…

Yeah. Can you imagine how much I wanted to write this? Well, after nearly 3 long weeks, it’s finally here! I hope you enjoy!!

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Needed me [Steve Harrington x reader]

Prompt: “You need me more than I need you.”

A/n: I don’t know I just thought of this off the top of my head. I don’t want to start this book off on a sad imagine but I love making myself cry. Also part 2 to this?? And I altered the events in stranger things and traits to Nancy in this. Enjoy((:


“Barb shut up! Ohh my god, you did not!” I gasp out as she tries to convince me that she is the queen at match making.
“What? All I did was told Nancy to slip in a good word about you to Steve!” Barb said while holding her hand to her chest dramatically.
“I don’t think it’s a good idea for Steve’s ex to try and set me up with him but thanks for the effort.” I sigh as I rest my head on my hands while sitting in the cold school chairs, trying to get my thoughts straight before our free period ends.
“(Y/N)! I love Nancy with all my heart but you liked him since 3rd grade and Nancy knew that but she went on to date Steve! She realized that it hurt you later and that she was just trying to be different and she didn’t have true feelings for Steve! She’s trying to build your trust back up and she said this is the least she can do!” Barb said with a slight muffled voice as her head rests on the desk.
“I told her that it wasn’t her fault and that I forgive her she shouldn’t do anything else for me I’m perfectly fin-”
“Hey (Y/N)!” I whip my head back and Barb perks up from the sound of Steve’s voice echoing as he comes closer to us. “Hey I was looking for you all over the place.”
“Ohh hey look what time it is I should really get a snack before class starts! I’ll leave you to at it.” Barb winks at me as I turn and give her a distressed look that reads ‘Help me’. Barb ignores me and grabs her books and walks away with a little hop in her step.
“So umm… (Y/N) I heard you like popcorn? Uhh so would you like to go to the movies with me?” Steve stutters out as he shoves his hands in his denim pockets.
I let out a small laugh under my breath as I look up at him and say, “Was that supposed to be smooth or something? Because it wasn’t. I think you are losing your charm, Steve.”
“Wait no- I uhh.” Steve blushes and avoids my eyes.
“I’m kidding Steve! If you are… Trying to ask me out that umm I’ll go with you or something.” My confidence flattens as he stares at me with his captive gaze.
“Really?! I mean cool. I’ll pick you up at 7 on Sunday!” He says as he runs his hands through his hair.
“I’ll see you then.” I let out a small smile as I try to contain my excitement. Steve turns around and starts walking back to his locker and I let out a breath as a big grin spreads on my cheeks.

[2 months later]

Steve and I have been dating for a month now and it’s been nothing but joy. Nancy has been really sweet to me but occasionally has her moments were she hangs if of Steve or something along those lines but I shouldn’t be jealous. I don’t want to be a clingy hover girlfriend when we have only been dating for 1 month but we already established that we love each other so I guess you can say we are semi-serious.
Steve’s birthday was today and we went out to lunch and had a day trip to the city then he dropped me off at home. It’s 8pm right now and I’m outside of Steve’s house. I wanted to surprise him and give him his gift and a letter that I poured my heart out into. Corny but I really love him.
I climb up his house and mentally thank my mom for always making me do mountain climbing when we went on vacation. I safely land on Steve’s roof and make my way to his window but freeze at the sound of Nancy’s voice coming from Steve’s room.
“Seriously Steve, why are you still dating (Y/N)? We already know that we got back together, why don’t you just tell her? Don’t wait to long and break her ugly heart even more.” Nancy lets out. I creep over to his window and peek in to see Steve shirtless holding an equally exposed Nancy with a blanket covering them. From the open window I can here clearly what they are saying and my eyes start to weld up with tears.
“I know, Nanc. I’m going too. Eventually. She’s just a there to pump up my coolness level you know.” Steve makes a gesture with his hands as he says cool and I clear my eyes as I hop threw the window and throw his gift at them.
They sit straight up and Nancy makes an effort to cover her exposed chest with a blanket as her eyes widen.
“I feel real loved right now Steve. Ohh and Happy Birthday, boyfriend.” I say with venom dripping from my voice as tears start to fill my eyes once again.
“(Y/N)-” Steve tries to get out as he stands up and tries to grab my wrist. I twist my hand and pull it from his grip.
“So how long has this been going on, huh? I mean it’s not like I care because I mean I’m just a ugly stupid girl I bet you guys are surprised that I figured that, right?” I say as I look around Steve to Nancy who is glaring at me.
Nancy opens her mouth and starts, “It’s not like he ever loved you I don’t know why you are freaking ou-”
“NANCY GET OUT.” Steve says has he clenches his fist and looks at me with regret.
“Wait what?” Nancy says.
“I said get. Out.” Nancy jumps up and grabs her clothes and runs out the born hoping to now be spotted by his parents.
“So how long? Huh Mr cool guy?” I cross my arms and don’t care to look strong anymore as a waterfall of hears stream down my face.
“30 days…” Steve breaths out as he looks down.
“Ohh so wait? Only a day after we started dating huh? Ohh I feel so important Steve. I feel so needed! Did you ever even like me?” I
Steve starts to look mad as he snaps his head up to look at me and says, “Hey how is this my fault?! You are always hanging out with that freak Byers and I never say anything about it so it’s only fair if I get to stay with Nancy and I mean I loved her before I never knew you were a thing?”
I squeeze my first so tight that I can feel my nails starting to puncture my skin. “Jonathan? Seriously Jonathan? Don’t bring him up in this! I never cheated on you and I’ve known you since we were 5 STEVE 5 YEARS OLD!”
“Well why can’t I bring Jonathan in this and 5 years huh? I don’t remember that and of course I’ll bring Jonathan up in this! It’s only fair!” Steve starts to yell as somehow he tries to accuse me for his actions.
“Fair?! Why is it fair?! I never slept with Jon, never kissed Jon, and why would I not do that? BECUASE I LOVE YOU AND I AM ACTUALLY FAITHFUL!” I yell out.
“Ohh shut up, will you? You have slept with Jonathan and you know it!” Steve tries to blame me again. But he does something that I thought he never would. He backhands me on my cheek and my head snaps to the side and I feel blood trickle down my nose. I knew Steve was aggressive but ever to people he 'cared about’.
“You know what… I’m done. We are through. I’m done with your crap. I should have known you were still hitting it up with Nancy with her hanging off you all the time. I should have known that someone like 'The Steve Harrington’ would never find interest in someone like 'me’. I mean it’s all my fault that YOU slept with Nancy. You know what? I actually thought that you needed me more than I needed you. But hey I’m to stupid to even have any though of my own huh?” I wipe the blood that drips down my nose because of Steve’s slap. I let the tears fall down my face as I threw my gift at him and ripped the letter and climb through his window in a rush and run towards the forest.

Steve stares out the window in shock that he lost his temper and smacked you. Steve gaze falls as he looks at his red hand and the small drop of blood that has fallen on his floor next to your gifts to him and Steve thinks about what he had just done.

Anywhere I go, There You Are

Anonymous request: So, seeing as we’re both from Canada, I figured that you might be willing to write something where Bill’s girlfriend is Canadian & she goes to Sweden with him for the first time (maybe her first impression when they arrive in Stockholm is: ‘well, the cold weather’s definitely familiar to me’). Anyway, he takes her on a series of mini dates which revolve around sightseeing/relaxation; then, for the last one, he takes her on a very fancy dinner & proposes.

Disclaimer: Sorry in advance if you aren’t Canadian! Just close your eyes and picture yourself surrounded by a bunch of igloos and majestic moose, sipping on a large double-double coffee with two creams that you paid for in loonies, with a bowl of steaming poutine sitting next to you! 🍁🇨🇦💙 

It starts off as a playful conversation between two long-term lovers. You’re seated face-to-face, the only source of light in the darkened room emanating from varying degrees of melting candles. “If you could have anything for Christmas this year, what would it be?” Bill’s arm is slung over the back of your wooden chair, his other hand resting loosely around the stem of a white wine glass.

You push the almost empty plate of food out of your way and steeple your hands under your chin. “This is a loaded question.”

Bill shakes his head grinning, he lifts the glass to his lips and takes a hearty sip. “Its not, because I have a feeling I know exactly what you’d like. I’d like to hear you say it.”

You take a sip of your own wine, savoring the slightly bitter tannin against your tongue and set the glass down with a resounding clank against the marble tabletop. “I’d like to travel to Sweden with you. More specifically, Stockholm. You’ve been home to Canada with me a few times. You’ve met my family and vice versa, but it’s just… time.”

Bill tips the last of the wine into his open mouth, his gaze lingering on yours. “Well,” He beams brightly and produces two folded sheets of paper from his denim pocket. “I can’t even begin to fathom how much more beautiful Stockholm will be with you in it.”

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